Four ways you can improve your site’s SEO

If you’re looking to get more online business through your website, you might have heard about how using search engine optimization – or SEO – can help you boost results. What’s the best way to improve yours, though?

There are different ways in which you can do this, depending on where you are at the moment, and how you are able to develop your site. Here are just some of the improvements that you can make to see results on your business website.

Publish content frequently

Fresh, updated content is good for search engines. You can start by creating a calendar to help you to keep track of possible publishing opportunities – holidays, industry events, and company milestones are great opportunities for you to get relevant, compelling content to your users.

If you don’t have the time to create new content on a regular basis, then collate stories from within your business, or even curate them from news sites or social media. Publishing frequently on social media channels increases the chances of your content being shared regularly.

Use relevant, targeted content

If you can provide expert content on popular news topics, you will gain trust and popularity, which will then lead to better search engine results. Have a think about using seasonal content, as well as searching online news databases for hot daily topics.

You should also keep an eye on social media to help predict trends and to see any breaking news. Your content needs to be timely and relevant, so make sure the tools are in place for you to monitor what’s happening in your industry, allowing you to react quickly to it.

Researching keywords that best define your brand and content is also a must, as well as those that are frequently used in your business sector. The same goes for your competitors’ keywords. The more focussed – and targeted – your content is, the more likely your search engine relevance will increase as well.

Update and monitor keywords

If you’re using a set of keywords but you aren’t getting results, it may be that they’re not the best keywords for your business, or it could be that your keywords are being so overused that they’re not benefiting you, either. Using too many keywords on the same page, or the same keyword on multiple pages will also work against you.

As well as knowing which keywords to use and when you will also need to change which ones you use every so often. This will help search engines to find your information, as well as helping customers to find your site.

Tasks such as this – and many others that will improve your SEO – can be done by brands such as YEAH! Local. They can assess which keywords work best for you, for instance, and which other improvements you can implement.

Audit your site

Carrying out an audit will tell you how SEO-friendly your site is. You can find keywords on these pages, then use the information to update and optimize your content. You’ll also be able to discover any problems with your site, such as broken links and duplicate content.