Watch the PlayStation VR unboxing trailer
Watch the PlayStation VR unboxing trailer. Image credit: Videogamer.

PlayStationVR, Sony’s virtual reality headset, is days from hitting the stores. The gear will take off worldwide on October 13th with a price tag of £349 in the U.K., €349 in Europe, $399 in the U.S., 44,980 yen in Japan,  AU$550 or CAD$699.99.

In North America, the core bundle of the PS VR includes the headset and processor unit, wired stereo headphones, the cables, and the PS VR Demo Disc to showcase some of the upcoming titles.

The Demo Disc contains 18 sweet teasers. Some fan favorites are “Here They Lie,” “Battlezone,” “Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – Kitchen Teaser,” and “Eve: Valkyrie.”

The PS VR Core package will be ready at some nationwide stores on launch day.

The headset uses a high-end 1080p OLED screen specifically designed for virtual reality. It has integrated sensors to detect the movement of the players’ head. It also has an audio remote to control sound settings and the microphone.

The stereo headphones provide a 3D audio signal, which alters the sound depending on player’s movement, so the user could hear audio coming from different corners of the virtual world.

Playroom VR and World War Toons will launch with the PS VR for free

Playroom VR will be available on October 13 as a free download for all PS VR users at the PlayStation store.

The Playroom contains six unique VR games for friends and families to enjoy. The title mixes VR play with classic TV games: only one player can connect to the game via the headset, while the others can play with the regular DualShock 4 controller and watch it on the TV.

World Ward Toons will launch a free open beta version on Oct. 13 for the PS VR. WWT is a multiplayer first person shooter featuring cartoonish characters, comedic explosions, rideable rockets, and many other crazy things one would see in the Looney Toons.

To get the title, users have to pre-register on the official site to get a pass for the closed-beta version.

Over 20 titles will be available for the PS VR by early 2017

One of the most exciting additions is Batman: Arkham VR, where players can see the Gotham through the Dark Knight’s eyes.

The highly anticipated Here They Lie will be the first first-person horror game for the PS VR, featuring a bleak city, mysterious creatures, and a woman in yellow luring the player further down the nightmare.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is an fps horror-show featuring murderous clowns. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is also coming to the new platform, but it will release in January 2017. Sony announced Battlezone and Eve: Valkyrie would be available for the VR platform.

There are over 20 games coming out for the PS VR, some on Oct. 13 and some early 2017.

Source: PlayStation Blog