Join the Drive Club VR & survive in Here They Lie on the PS VR
Join the Drive Club VR & survive in Here They Lie on the PS VR. Image credit: YouTube.

Japan – Sony Corporation (NASDAQ: SNE) announced the release of Driverclub VR for the soon to launch PS VR gear. Users who bought the Driverclub Season Pass before Sept. 29 can download a digital upgrade for €19.99 ($22.47) and get the VR standalone.

The full game will take off on October 13 along with the PS VR. It will be available as both a physical Blu-Ray and digital title at the PlayStation Store. Driver Club VR will have a price tag of €39.99 ($44.96). The game is ready to pre-order.

Evolution Studios had to re-create the racing title to adapt it to the VR platform and add specific features.  114 urban racing tracks and 80 iconic high-performance cars are waiting to submerge fans into an all new 3D environment.

Sony says the VR  gear will mark a new era in the history of gaming, one where players can finally live inside the world developers so carefully created. The headset will cost £349 in the U.K., €399 in Europe, and $399 in the U.S.

“Here it Lies,” a POV horror fest on virtual reality

PlayStation recently announced another exciting title coming out as a VR standalone called Here They Lie, a groundbreaking first-person horror game. The game puts players into the dark, bleak core of a city from which they cannot escape.

The nightmare is home to strange, malevolent creatures lurking in the dark, while the player must survive, take difficult moral choices and uncover the mystery of the woman in yellow.

The completely immersive gameplay the PSVR offers defies players to embody the character while roaming through eerie alleys from one jump-scare to another.

What’s more, the game makes great use of the 3D audio features of Sony’s VR gear. 3D audio alters sound based on the movement and direction of the players head. So he or she could hear a creaking window behind them, a sinister laughter above them, or a train going too fast beneath them.

The PlayRoom VR that’s coming for all PSVR owners out there

The PlayRoom is a collection of mini-games and multiplayer experiences that are free for anyone who buys the PS VR. Gamers only need a single PS VR headset, a single DualShock 4, and a friend to go multiplayer.

PlayRoom has a little more than 2GB in content, and it is meant to introduce users to the capabilities of the equipment.

Source: PlayStation Blog