Watch Dogs 2 new gameplay review
watch-dogs-2-new-gameplay-review. Image from YouTube.

The Youtuber identified as “TheRedBrad” has uploaded a gameplay video from the upcoming Watch Dogs 2. The gameplay shows some of the new features from the game as well as a little bit of the main story.

The new Ubisoft game will release its new open world game on November 15th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, The Company issued some copies of the game to journalists and Youtubers who focus on the gaming industry.

TheRedBrad uploaded a video showing the game’s first minutes. The scenario is San Francisco and the title’s most notable feature is the importance smartphones, tablets, and other similar gadgets are going to have in the game.

Enter Marcus Holloway 

Watch Dogs gained notoriety as the player controls an ordinary hacker instead of a super powerful being. The second entry in the franchise has promised to take the concept of hacking beyond expectations in a fully interactive city.

Marcus Holloway, the game protagonist, has a personal terminal to fulfill these hacks around the city. The gadget will give players access to different information such as missions, health, points of interest and an interactive GPS. If the player so chooses, he can hack other people’s devices like computers or cell phones to gather information about them.

This information will unlock potential side missions or background information that will give advantages to players in future events.

Holloway moves around San Francisco on a bike. The game allows players to upgrade it, and the developers said those upgrades were going to be important for special side missions.

Why did Ubisoft choose San Francisco? 

Last week, Danny Belanger, one of the designers behind the concept of Watch Dogs, gave an interview about the changes in the second installment

He explained the team believed that softening the mood of the first game will be a definite shift in the franchise. This concept is the reason why they created the main character who can only express emotions using masks.

Ubisoft also mentioned players requested more freedom when using the game mechanics. The team then conceived the free hacking system to please this call from fans. Now they can decide when and how Marcus uses his hack skills during the game.

The last important topic developed by Belanger was the election of San Francisco. He comments on how the city is recognized as the technological capital of the world, and he thought it would be the perfect setting for an insurgent group of hackers to fight the corporative system.

Source: GameSpot