The Volkswagen Group AG unveiled its new concept car, Sedric, Today. The famed automaker presented its new self-driving concept car at the Geneva Auto Show. Sedric is a fully autonomous vehicle designed without a steering wheel or pedals. Sedric can be called using ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft.

The automaker introduced Sedric as a Level 5 autonomous vehicle, meaning it can work as a driverless car anywhere without human interaction. The interior of Sedric is nothing like the cars in the street. The inside resembles the 70’s era. It also features black and yellow seats and elegant wooden finish on the floor and doors.

The concept car has a family feel with a small garden on the dash. Sedric also includes a built-in voice feature, able to talk to passengers about weather, traffic, route and estimated driving time.

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Volkswagen reveals new Self-driving vehicle named Sedric. Image Source: Associated Press

VW Sedric could be the breakthrough in mobility experience for self-driving cars

Volkswagen described Sedric as the father for generations of self-driving cars to come. The car was designed, devised, developed and constructed by two different VW’s teams. One is located in Wolfsburg, and the other is based in Potsdam.

The technologies developed for Sedric will be available for general car-integration shortly. The VW Sedric is the result of several ideas blended, from which Volkswagen produced the most promising only.

VW Sedric autonomous car displayed at the GAS 2017
The Volkswagen Sedric displayed at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. Image Source: Mirror

The idea behind the self-driving car Sedric is to link the vehicle and its driver to a new concept control. The Button is the connection between the car and its owner. A touch on The Button is enough to summon Sedric. The control also features a ring that indicates Sedric’s estimated time of arrival with vibrations and colored signals.

Sedric can be configured both as an individual vehicle or a shared vehicle. Volkswagen believes that people will want particular cars in the future.

Sedric will be able to carry out tasks on its own. The autonomous car is programmed to take duties such as driving the kids to school, look for a parking space independently, collect shopping bags or pick up a particular person. The car will with a smartphone app and voice controls.

Automated vehicles will be a whole new experience. Vehicles like Sedric also satisfy a whole different market than conventional vehicles. Automated vehicles will help people with physical disabilities, retirees, children, and people without a license to get from one point to another. Volkswagen focused on a concept that consumes less space, energy and that is more sustainable.

Source: Automotive World