Volkswagen-ID Buzz-concept-Van
The ID Buzz could be a hit among hipster bringing a Neo-hippie era. Image: Digital Trends.

Volkswagen’s new Buzz I.D. Concept van bears a great resemblance to their classic Microbus, which became famous in the sixties as a hippie van. However, it adds autonomous driving and a modular design for the family of the future.

The company unveiled the revamped version at the Detroit Auto Show this year, and they might put it back on the streets sooner than later.

The electric, autonomous vehicle is the company’s fourth concept of this type in recent years. The previous three never made it to development. VW fans are expectant but don’t want to get their hopes up too soon.

Jurgen Stackmann, a VW board member, remarked that this might their most plausible Buzz Concept to date, but that the feasibility of a US launch is still in discussion.

Volkswagen Board Member, Jurgen Stackmann,I.D.Buzz,concept,van
Volkswagen Board Member, Jurgen Stackmann, has faith in the I.D. Buzz. Image: 4WheelsNews.

Volkswagen Buzz I.D. features and specsĀ 

Volkswagen crafted a four-wheel drive van with a clean design, always featured in soft colors and fully electric, a zero-emissions type of vehicle.

The interior shows a futuristic style that still has pedals and a steering wheel, but that looks more focused on its self-driving capabilities. Right in the middle of the two front seats, there is a large screen that acts as the primary user interface.

Internally, the microbus sports a pair of electric engines that has a horsepower of 369. The 111 kWh battery gives it a range of 270 miles (about 373 miles of range in Europe), putting it close to the leading electric competitors.

According to initial reviews, the Buzz I.D. can reach 0-to-60 in just five seconds and its electronic design only allows it to accelerate as fast as 99 mph.

Users can rearrange the ID Buzz seats and set up a practical table. Image: Digital Trends.

Expected cost and release date

The steering wheel is retractable and goes back into the dashboard with the push of a button, turning the Buzz I.D. into a self-driving automobile that makes use of a broad range of laser scanners, cameras, radar sensors, and ultrasonic technology.

Its most compelling feature, however, might be its modular capabilities. Images show that users can modify its six-seat, eight-passenger interior in many ways to get more people aboard or even enjoy a cup of coffee in a minimalistic table right in the middle of the vehicle.

There is not fixed price or release date as of yet, but VW has hinted that the vehicle could be out by 2021. Online reviewers add that it will most likely cost between $30,000 to $40,000.

Source: Digital Trends