Reacting with GIFs is fun. Really fun. Unfortunately, the one place that I always wanted to react the most didn’t let me use GIFs. However, Facebook finally announced GIF support! And here are the GIFs I’ve always wanted to use, and now you can use them too.


The perfect reaction for when your friend’s comment has nothing to do with the current conversation


The one to use when you try to get into an argument and realise too late that you shouldn’t have


When someone says something so stupidly funny that you spat the milk out of your mouth


Someone said something confusing and you don’t wanna respond with “huh?”


Your aunt, or possibly someone elder, shared an article about how something you love is probably unhealthy for you


Someone commented on your profile picture saying you look good


You know that an argument is coming, this comment thread is going to blow up, and just commenting saying “lemme get the the popcorn” has been used way too many times


Someone gorgeous puts up a selfie with the comment “I look like shit today :/”



We all have that one friend who never gets any of the jokes

joke flip

When your friend makes a joke so bad and commenting with “-_-” just doesn’t cut it


That one moment when someone you know replies to a simple joke about them with the most vulgar and hate filled comeback you have ever heard



All these GIFs have been compiled from the subreddit r/reactiongifs over the past couple of years, aside from the 2nd one which I got from someone in the comment thread over at The Verge Forums