Uncharted 4 launches the mystical Survival Mode

PlayStation’s official website revealed a new update for ‘A Thief’s End,’ the Uncharted series‘ fourth installment would bring a new co-op Survival mode, many new features, and fixes.

Lead game designer, Vinit Agarwal from the Naughty Dog studio, announced the launch, which is already available, later tweeting that he would give personal congratulations to the first player that completes it with a perfect score on the hardest difficulty.

Naughty Dog studio is responsible for the entirety of the Uncharted franchise. The company prepared a livestream for Survival mode that is now available for rewatching at their official Twitch account.

Uncharted 4’s Survival Mode explained

Initially intended as a co-op multiplayer effort, gamers can also head onto Survival mode on a solo rampage, with the objective being the same. They must defeat a total of fifty incoming hordes of highly-trained enemies with almost no resting period between the waves.

Up to three players can get team up in the Survival mode, featuring four different ways to play it.

The ‘Survival’ way, in which they must kill them all, the ‘Siege’ mode, or defending a location, ‘Treasure Race,’ fight while collecting scattered treasure, and ‘Marked Man,’ seek and destroy a particular enemy.

There are also Boss Waves featuring known game villains with magical skills that will make dealing with them a real challenge. Survival mode features ten stages of five waves, each one with a duration of about 15 to 20 minutes.

The Survival mode will bring a couple of new maps to the table, an updated to the roster of weapons, new skins, and much more. The complete Uncharted DLC update is 3.8GB thick and will keep updating over the fall and winter seasons.

Naughty Dog lowers the in-game items’ cost

Following community complaints about some multiplayer aspects like the in-game price for chests, Naughty Dog has decided to cut their cost, making them easier to get and allowing players to enjoy the DLC to its fullest.

Also, purchasing an Uncharted Points pack now awards the player with the VIP status which gives a 20% bonus for all Relics earned from challenges.

UP packs over 300 will come with a one-time-only Relic Booster for a whopping 300% increase in Relics made in a multiplayer match and a bigger shared bonus.

The update also adds many bugs fixes that were long overdue, tackling loading issues, item-use adjustments, radars, and sound.

The Survival mode is getting a warm reception so far

Most players are currently enjoying the myriad possibilities posed by the new DLC patch which is arguably getting multiplayer Uncharted campaigns to a whole new level.

Comments are mostly favorable, the only complaints being that some gamers are not digging the whole mystical content now available in-game.

Source: PlayStation