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Pledge your sword to one of the three factions and fight For Honor. Image from YouTube.

On Wednesday, Ubisoft revealed the full roster of playable heroes and multiplayer modes on “For Honor” at Gamescom. Ubisoft also announced an alpha for the game. 

A PC version will be included in the melee-centric action game’s collector’s edition. For Honor’s title is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The developer also announced that Blue Byte would develop a Windows PC version.

The game will feature four different classes. Vanguards are balanced heroes with good attack and defense skills. They are versatile warriors. Assassins are lethal and fast characters. They are very fragile heroes with strong offensive skills. 

Heavies are the “tank” heroes, their attacks are deadly but slow, they excel at defending their ground and killing AI enemies. Lastly, Hybrids feature mix elements and characteristic from the other types. Their advantage is that they have unconventional tactics.

The game features three different factions: The Knights, Vikings, and Samurais

The title’s progression system is unlocked through experience points. Experience points can be gained by either Player-versus-player and Player-versus-everyone modes. Gaining XP will allow players to unlock new visual customization options and new combat abilities. The battlefield will also let people loot items with unique stats.

For Honor will have five multiplayer modes: Dominion, Duel, Elimination, Brawl, and Skirmish. These modes can be played against Bots and players in either split screen and co-op.

Ubisoft’s upcoming game will start with 5 game modes

Dominion is a two team’s objective based mode with four players per side. Each team has to control specific places on the battlefield to gain points.

Duel is a one-versus-one fight to the death mode. The most straightforward mode will heavily depend on each player skills.

Elimination is a team based mode with four players per side. The last surviving player on the battlefield will win the round for their team.

Brawl is a two-versus-two fight to the death mode. It resembles the Duel mode but with two heroes per side.

Skirmish is a four-versus-four Team Death Match mode. Each team will win points by killing enemies.

The company also announced a collectors’ edition at the Gamescom

On a final note, Ubisoft detailed the game’s Collector’s Case. The Collector’s Case will only be available on Ubisoft’s online service Uplay and includes the following: 

For Honor Gold Edition, includes the Base game, the Digital Deluxe Pack from the Deluxe Edition, and a full Season Pass.

An Exclusive Collector’s Box.

Three ⅓ scales, full metal warrior helmets on wooden stands representing Knights, Vikings, and Samurais.

An Exclusive lithography

The Game’s Original Soundtrack.

Players who pre-order the game will receive the Legacy Battle Pack. The pack includes three outfits that can be used by the Warden, Raider, or the Kensei Hero. The game is due to roll out on February 14, 2017. 

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