Ubisoft releases a new trailer for Watch Dogs 2
Ubisoft releases a new trailer for Watch Dogs 2. Image credit: Wallpaper Abyss.

Ubisoft released a new trailer for its upcoming title ‘Watch Dogs 2.’ The new sneak peek intends to show players the breathtaking landscapes taken from the San Francisco Bay Area and some aspects of gameplay and the main character. The game releases on November 15

Ubisoft developed ‘Watch Dogs 2’ for the PC, Playstation and Xbox One. The game is already available for pre-order at the Ubisoft Online Store. Price starts at $59.99 for its Standard version and $149.99 for the Collector Gold version.

The latter comes with a Wrench Jr Robot users can control via a mobile app, a scale copy of the one featured in the game.

Watch Dogs 2: Maps and vehicles

First shots of the trailer show viewers the main character, Marcus, flying a drone through the different areas of the game. The city of San Francisco, Oakland, Marin, and Silicon Valley.

The trailer takes the viewer through the streets and beaches they will see in the game, promising bigger and better maps than the first title.

Players will also control a variety of vehicles, including boats, SUVs, motorcycles, and even go-karts. The game also offers a huge roster of firearms, from small handguns to large sniper rifles to fend off the various enemies encountered in Watch Dogs 2.

Marcus also reiterates that there is “only one rule around here: tech rules everything.” The video shows the distinctive way in which he will hack into electronic devices in the game to solve certain missions.

In short, Watch Dogs 2 will require players to use Marcus’ both physical and hacking skills to conquer the various assignments and ultimately save the city of San Francisco.

The game features black hat hackers against a corrupt system

The game follows Marcus Holloway, a 24-year-old Oakland native who describes himself as an “80’s film buff, idealist, hacker,” living in the Bay Area.

He is part of the international hacker collective Dedsec, which plans to bring down ctOS 2.0, an operating system used by criminal corporations to control the ordinary citizens of SF.

Even though Watch Dogs 2 will have default missions, every gamer is going to have a different experience. They can wreak havoc and become a cyber terrorist, or they can complete the game as a mysterious stealthy hacker.

‘Watch Dogs 2’ includes a new multiplayer mode that allows users to connect with other players for co-op missions or Player Vs. Player.

Source: Ubisoft