Donald Trump sure has made a name for himself on Twitter, by attacking almost everyone who doesn't agrees with him on the social media platform. Image Source: Vanity Fair

Not everyone is a fan of President-elect Donald Trump’s tweets, and many users of the social media are wondering what it would take to shut Trump down on Twitter.

During the last month, Trump’s Twitter has called the Saturday Night Live show “unwatchable” and has slammed the president of the United Steelworkers 1999.

The real state man has a lot of faithful followers but, as of late, it seems there are just as many wishing the President-elect would stop its charade and focused on leading the country.

Donald Trump said the push for clean energy hurt the automotive industry. Image: Slate.
Donald Trump said the push for clean energy hurt the automotive industry. Image: Slate.

Can Twitter shut Donald Trump’s account?

Twitter has a set of policies that forbids aggressive conducts on the network, harassment, discrimination, violent threats, and offensive conduct.

The future 45th President of the United States will not have special protection if the violates the rules of the social media Slate outlet recently asked if Twitter would enforce the laws, and the social media giant responded.

“The Twitter Rules apply to all accounts, including verified accounts.”

So, if the businessman goes a little too far, even the President of the U.S. could be out of Twitter for a while.

President Elect Donald Trump plans to cut NASA's climate research funding by next year. Image Source: Business Insider
President Elect Donald Trump plans to cut NASA’s climate research funding by next year. Image Source: Business Insider

Twitter recently suspended various accounts of leading “alt-right activists

Twitter banned the users of a pro-Trump movement that has links to white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and white nationalism.

Furthermore, when Slate asked Twitter if they would ban key government officials, a company spokesperson responded via email that Twitter would tale action against any accounts that posts violent threats, harassment, offensive conduct, or other kinds of abuses.

Such “actions” would include even the president. A tough call for a company that boasts itself as the “free speech wing of the free speech party.”

However, their response is keeping with Twitter’s ongoing battle against harassment and hate speech accounts.

Facebook is not following the same rules

Facebook has said the network would not apply its usual community standards to Donald Trump’s profile because of the widespread support and views of his posts.

“When we review reports of content that may violate our policies, we take context into consideration. That context can include the value of political disclosure,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

So, banning Donald Trump from a social media depends on the network. It is a hypothetical question given Trump’s record of using social media to talk about conspiracy theories, attack news outlets, and reporters, threaten political rivals, and call for discrimination.

Facebook and Twitter are already struggling to fit their policies on hate speech with the activities of the former candidate, and the two sites offered a different treatment towards Donald Trump.

Source: Slate