SNL mocks Trump for his tweets, he responds via Twitter

Last Saturday, NBC aired another episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ featuring Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump in the cold open sketch. The show made fun of the US President-Elect for his excessive tweeting, and Trump took on Twitter to bash SNL after the episode finished.

Donald Trump has been a recurring subject of this 42nd season of SNL. The current season of the series started back on October 1 at the height of the presidential race between the President-elect and the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Now, after winning the elections, Trump’s antics as President-elect continue to be the source material for the ‘Saturday Night Live’ writers and cast every week. Trump will officially become the 45th President of the United States on January 20.

Trump’s tweets may be a distraction from his real work

SNL’s cold open last night tapped into one of the issues some news outlets and political analysts have pointed at in the last couple of weeks: Trump’s tweets may be nothing but a distraction from the actual actions of his administration.

Last Saturday’s episode began with a sketch featuring Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump in the middle of a national security briefing. The show made fun of Trump’s seemingly short attention span and tendency to retweet inappropriate tweets.

After the episode had ended, the President-elect took to the microblogging site and deemed SNL “unwatchable! Totally biased and not funny.” He also criticized Baldwin’s impersonation of him, calling it “sad.”

Twitter quickly caught on fire after Trump sent the tweet, triggering reactions from Baldwin himself and even one of the people he had retweeted and who were mentioned in the episode.

Baldwin promised to stop with the impressions on SNL if Trump released his tax returns. The actor tweeted at the President-elect through his foundation’s account.

Best Alec Baldwin impressions of Donald Trump on SNL

SNL has been the perfect stage for Alec Baldwin to shine as Donald Trump. The 58-year-old has managed to turn real life into comedy at Trump’s expense. The last couple of weeks since the businessman won the elections have produced some hilarious moments in Baldwin’s SNL sketches.

Baldwin’s impersonation of Donald Trump in SNL hit an all-time high right from the start with his impersonation on October 9, when a sexual harassment scandal broke out. The episode was notorious for capitalizing on a story that had broken only a few hours ago.

Another notable appearance by Baldwin as Trump featured him and Kate McKinnon as his opponent, the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, on the weekend before Election Day taking to the streets of New York to spread a message of union above all else.

Since Trump winning the election, Baldwin’s most remarkable performance as the businessman-turned-president took place two weeks later. SNL made fun of the fact that Donald Trump was mostly winging the aftermath of becoming President, much like his whole campaign leading up to the elections.

‘Saturday Night Live’ will return next week and the week after that before going on holiday break. John Cena and Casey Affleck will host the upcoming episodes on December 10 and December 17 respectively.

Source: YouTube