TrackR to showcase two new gadgets at CES 2017
TrackR to showcase two new gadgets at CES 2017. Image: TrackR.

Santa Barbara-founded company TrackR revealed two new flagship products today that will come out at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the TrackR pixel and TrackR wallet 2.0, both set to ship in the Spring of 2017.

The company also announced the launch of TrackR Atlas, a wall plug that works with Amazon’s Alexa assistant and other trackers via Bluetooth technology. The TrackR pixel starts at $24.99 and the wallet at $29.99, both available for pre-order on TrackR’s website.

TrackR will be one of the featured startups at CES Unveiled tomorrow on the CES show floor and one of the ShowStoppers this Thursday on the same floor. Their CEO, Chris Herbert, will give a speech at the Family Tech Summit on Friday.

trackr Chris Herbert
TrackR Chris Herbert. Image: CrunchBase.

General specs and features of TrackR’s new gadgets

Both the TrackR pixel and wallet 2.0 serve as the company’s latest form factors, which are simply TrackR’s new standards for hardware design.

The TrackR pixel is the central device in the future lineup of products. At 26mm thick it can fit almost everywhere and comes with a LED light for finding items in the dark.

The wallet 2.0 variant, as it name indicates, is specially made for this object, and is as thick as two credit cards together (shaped like one as well).

The Atlas is a WiFi wall plug that acts like a TrackR antenna. As an IoT device, Echo Dot users will be able to ask Alexa where they left their phone, keys, or any other TrackR connected object. The assistant will them direct them to the correct room.

Best objects to track with TrackR

The new Pixel will serve as an upgrade from TrackR’s old Bravo Bluetooth locator. The Pixel will be a bit thinner and thus will fit in any bag or wallet.

Most people use the TrackR device to find their keys, which studies have shown are the object people tend to lose the most.

As their official website states, TrackR can also be a useful tool for pet safety. Its size and weight make it perfect for a dog or cat to wear it on their collar. Also, users can engrave a custom message on the back of the device after ordering for return information.

Source: PR Newswire