This year's MTV Video Music Awards will take place in New York City's Madison Square Garden on Sunday August 28th. Image Source: Nocturnal Times

Music fans are only one day away from the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) at Madison Square Garden on August 28. They are probably also very close to witnessing another classic VMAs over-the-top moment.

A VMAs ceremony without controversy is a public incident not involving rapper Kanye West. Readers well versed in VMAs history will know that Kanye makes the list big time. He has certainly been one of the stars in recent VMAs.

“Hello” by Adele is the most nominated video with seven categories. Beyoncé leads the nominations with eleven, followed by Adele’s eight. Rihanna is set to receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the ceremony.

Britney Spears is slated to perform at the show. It will mark her return to the VMAs since 2007. Nominated in just two categories (Video of the Year and Best Male Video) and with Britney’s comeback, Kanye shouldn’t be the star of the show, but one never knows for sure.

Last year, Kanye received the Vanguard Award and during his acceptance speech, he announced that he would be running for president in the 2020 election. Even though it’s a crazy thing to say, this was not his highlight on the top three controversial moments in VMA history.

Kanye’s not an excellent listener

During the 2009 show, country singer Taylor Swift won Best Female video for “You Belong with Me.” During her acceptance speech, Kanye West unexpectedly showed up on stage. He took the microphone from Swift and said Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.

West then gave the middle finger to the audience as they started booing him off stage. Swift didn’t finish her speech, and Kanye got removed for the rest of the show. The following day, President Barack Obama called West a “jackass” for his rant. Ouch!

MJ’s awkward birthday

In 2002, the VMAs took place on Michael Jackson’s birthday, and Britney Spears came on stage to pay him a tribute. The Princess of Pop introduced the King of Pop, in what wasn’t a very classy royal moment, saying she considered him the artist of the millennium.

MJ thought he was receiving the nonexistent Artist of the Millennium award and proceeded with his acceptance speech. He said that if, while growing up, someone had ever told him he would be honored with such an award he wouldn’t have believed it. And readers still think watching a sex scene with their parents is more awkward.

“It’s Britney bitch”, or was she?

The 2007 Video Music Awards opened with Britney Spears performing her comeback single “Gimme More”. Her return couldn’t be more disastrous, though, as she seemed to be intoxicated. Poor lip-syncing and dancing ensued.

Britney was every teenager’s wet dream, but the black, sparkly bra and panty set didn’t look sexy on her out-of-shape body. Even though the performance didn’t kill her career, it’s also true it was never the same again.


Source: USA Today