Top 5 Search Engine Alternatives to Google

Millions of people visit Google every day. Even though it is the most popular search engine in the world, there are plenty of reasons not to be using it. The main problem that people who seek alternatives have with Google is the fact that they share your information. We’ve done in-depth research on some of the best search engines online that avoid just that. Here are the top five search engine alternatives to Google.

For people who enjoy keeping up with what’s trending and want to avoid their information being compromised, Hot is a great alternative to Google. This is a privacy-oriented search engine that will provide you with a similar format that Google uses. won’t track your search history, use your information for advertising, or anything like that. This search engine is relatively new, but those who have used it are raving about it.


If you’re set on using a search engine that is quite similar to Google, DuckduckGo is a great option for you. DuckduckGo provides privacy and security like a search engine should. You can easily look up local restaurants or stores without having to worry about a flood of advertisements for those places across social media. Your personal information is safe and DuckduckGo is easy to use! In recent times, DuckDuckGo has gained more popularity and it is good to keep your search history and privacy intact all the time. You may also check privacy tips & tricks to keep your information private and safe all the time.


Have you ever searched something into Google only to have to scroll through several results until you find what you’re looking for? That can be stressful and frustrating. No one has time for that, which is why you should use Hotbot. When you use this search engine you will instantly see results from four popular search engines, including Google, in one place. You will likely find what you’re looking for much quicker and you won’t have to worry about your privacy or information getting into the wrong hands.


Another amazing search engine that is an alternative to Google is Ecosia. Ecosia is a privacy-oriented search engine that is based out of Berlin, Germany. When visiting their site you may realize that it looks quite similar to Google. This makes it incredibly easy to navigate. They also plant a tree for every 45 searches, which is another great reason to use the search engine.


Last but not least an alternative search engine to Google that you could use is called WolframAlpha. Similarly to Google, WolframAlpha uses algorithms to bring you search results. The main difference between the two? WolframAlpha uses algorithms from the general search queries, instead of your specific search history. This up-and-coming search engine also uses AI technology and a knowledge base to provide you the most accurate search results for your query.

Final Words

With so many alternatives available to Google, there’s no reason not to switch! You can still find the information you’re looking for without the possibility of your personal information becoming compromised. Test out one of the options above such as Hotbot or DuckduckGo to see how you like it! Who knows, maybe you’ll convert!