Windows 10 Build 14946 update fixes some bugs, but not all
Windows 10 Build 14946 update fixes some bugs, but not all. Image credit: All Windows.

Microsoft announced the rollout of Windows 10 Build 14946 exclusively for Insider users in the Fast ring. The new build will address issues of previous Windows versions, and it will add new features to both Mobile and PC platforms.

The company recently introduced a new platform for businesses based on Microsoft Dynamics. Dynamics 365 adds third-party development support and expansion capabilities for upper management.

Microsoft is also less than ten days away from revealing the latest developments in Windows 10 at its October 26 official event. The company is also reportedly working on new home-developed hardware, most notably a modular, all-in-one Surface PC.

What is new for PCs on Windows 10 Build 14946?

PCs running this last build 14946 of Windows 10 will see significant changes in settings to improve user interaction and navigation on the iconic operating system.

Microsoft is adding a dedicated settings page exclusively for touchpad configurations. Users have reported several issues with touchpad-inclusive machines, and developers are addressing them in build 14946.

The new ‘Other Gestures’ page provides users with customizable options for three and four-finger touchpad gestures.

Moreover, there is a deeper alternative for power users in the ‘Advanced Gestures Configuration’ page which allows setting up responses for taps, clicks, and multidirectional swipes.

What is new for mobile devices on Windows 10 Build 14946?

Exclusive to Windows 10 Mobile users is the addition of new timeout configurations during Continuum sessions. Continuum is the cross-device feature of Windows Phone handsets that allows them to act as a desktop-like gadget when paired with a supporting monitor.

During these sessions, some users have reported annoyances due to limitations of device usability when performing tasks using Continuum.

In other words, the phone is rendered nearly useless while users are working on a Word document on a bigger display, or cannot make calls or send messages simultaneously.

With the update coming on build 14946, Windows Phone owners can properly multitask now and even set up some functions of the locked screen while running Continuum.

Both PC and Mobile Windows 10 users also get an updated settings page for Wi-Fi networks. The highlight of the new Wi-Fi options is a setting for ‘blacking out’ all connections for a set lapse of time.

Why are some users complaining about Build 14946?

There are many more features coming along with Build 14946, some of them even praised for fixing some major inconveniences in previous Windows 10 builds.

However, and unfortunately for all Windows 10 users, these updates usually bring new, unexpected bugs with them as well.

Members of the Insider Program of Microsoft have reported the update prompted their systems to hang, or that it has issues installing due to non-existing storage space issues.

Other reports claim the Insider Preview for Build 14946 creates some conflicts with the browser Microsoft Edge both on PC and mobile devices. Users expect that the company rolls out the corresponding patches for these issues soon.

Source: Windows Blog