Microsoft Dynamics 365 fuses machine learning and online CRM
Microsoft Dynamics 365 fuses machine learning and online CRM. Image credit: Globbit.

Microsoft will soon bring a new set of smart tools for corporate needs with Dynamics 365, a suite of cloud-based business applications. The tech company will release the cutting-edge software on November 1, charging a fee both per app and per user.

The official release date announcement follows previous statements by Microsoft back in July. The 41-year-old company had hinted at the launch of a tool under the ‘365’ brand of the Microsoft Business Division during the summer, and now Dynamics 365 joins the brand product lineup.

The industry saw a new powerhouse entering the game at the beginning of the week with Facebook releasing Workplace for corporate communications. Microsoft has its brand product in Yammer, now integrated with Office 365 and other digital services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics currently counts with a small catalog of apps for two primary fields: enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). The Business Division of the company has developed or acquired different software solutions for sales departments, operations, customer service, marketing, financials, and more.

Now, with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the tech giant intends to provide a centralized platform for businesses to build an infrastructure and improve on it if they ever wish to do so.

Subscribers to the service get access to a set of pre-determined apps devised to supply  the standard needs of every company, as well as the option to design their tools or subscribe to use apps developed by third parties.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can learn new tricks 

The team at Microsoft sets Dynamics 365 apart from its predecessors by making this new platform capable of ‘learning.’ Through input from using apps, the system can provide a comprehensive analysis of business performance and offer possible suggestions to improve on areas that could do better.

Takeshi Numoto, the Corporate VP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division, illustrated how a chain of bars in the U.K. has already been using a new app in Dynamics 365 to increase their earnings nationwide.

“Marston’s […] is an exciting example of a customer already using this application to better understand their customers by bringing together Wi-Fi registration data, point-of-sale transactions, table bookings, survey results and social media. Using Customer Insights, they expect a £7.7 million increase to their bottom line,” said Numoto.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a paid software with different subscription systems. Businesses can pay per app and user, but there are also ‘bundled’ plans for companies with multiple options that require different apps. Users can look into available apps on Microsoft’s official site.

Source: Microsoft


  1. Really? I mean since when was sentiment and intent analysis is new to CRM? CRM software vendors including,, Netsuite, SAP and others have been offering such a feature? When will Microsoft Enterprise products stop being copycats of others?