Neato Robotics recently announced how its Botvac Connected Home Robot will integrate Amazon Echo and Alexa's voice commands. Image Source: Neato

A press release published by Neato Robotics announced the Botvac Connected home companion, can now activate using Alexa’s Amazon Echo voice commands.

The Botvac Connected is the first Neato robot that integrates with Amazon’s home assistant service. The company is aiming for better ease-of-use and connectivity to make household chores more efficient for all users.

Neato will start giving away one free Amazon Echo Dot for United Stated buyers with the purchase of a Botvac Connected as a Black Friday special sale. The promotion will run from November 25 to December 23, 2016.

Alexa integration allows users to vacuum their entire house with just a voice command

Customers must install the latest version of the Amazon Echo Dot app on their phones, which will now include the ‘Neato’ option under ‘Get More Smart Home Skills’ at the ‘Smart Home’ left-hand navigation menu.

The Neato will work with commands uttered to Alexa, such as ‘ask Neato to start cleaning,’ and ‘ask Neato to pause cleaning.’ The intelligent robot’s capabilities allow it to clean floors efficiently without the need for much human supervision, nevertheless.

“Neato’s innovation is a huge leap forward for the smart home. Alexa-enabled Botvac Connected advances Neato’s vision of SmartLife —where using the latest technology to make your life easier is the clear path to smart living,” said Giacomo Marini, current Chairman and CEO of Neato Robotics.

The Botvac Connected currently sells for $630 on Amazon. They did not announce a Black Friday price. Image Source: Amazon
The Botvac Connected currently sells for $630 on Amazon. They did not announce a Black Friday price. Image Source: Amazon

The Neato Botvac Connected is the Rolex of house cleaning robots

The D-shaped robot works through cutting-edge laser technology that enables it to perform functions such as room mapping and real-time object detection. The Botvac automatically plans and follows the best course for home cleaning.

It can stop and re-route every time it finds an obstacle, tracking the space around it, even at night. With this technology, the Botvac can clean an entire room and still find its way autonomously to its charging base when it loses power.

Besides this technology, branded LaserSmart by Neato, the Botvac features a patented CornerClever design to pick up as much dirt as possible from the edges of walls. It is approximately 13 inches wide and long and weighs only 17 pounds.

 About Neato Robotics

The California-based Neato Robotics company opened its doors in 2005 and currently employs about 60 people. Their SmartLife trademark vision focuses on bringing humans and robots together to improve everyday living and give people more time to do the things they love.

Source: Neato