Fans of the franchise will be able to visit a new location of the Star Wars universe very soon. Image: Disney.

On Saturday, Disney executives revealed Galaxy’s Edge as the official name of their two Star Wars theme park expansions coming to Florida’s Walt Disney World and California’s Disneyland in 2019. An immersive themed resort inspired on the franchise is also in the works at the Orlando location.

Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, announced the new name and latest developments of the Star Wars theme parks at the 2017 D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. He and others also announced a slew of new rides and attractions for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort.

Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, Tron, Mickey and Minnie, Toy Story, Ratatouille and more are getting some love at different Disney parks over the next few years until 2021 when the global landmark turns 50.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be based on an entirely new planet

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will get tourists to a completely new location just on the rim of Wild Space, where the adventures of the iconic film series take place. The setting looks like a mix of familiar environments we’ve seen in the movies, and park-goers will surely get a familiar experience in some of the rides.

There will be two signature attractions in Galaxy’s Edge: a Millennium Falcon where you can control the legendary spaceship in a secret mission and an immersive experience that will have guests be in the middle of a battle between the Resistance and the First Order from the new chapters of the franchise.

Familiar ships and characters are expected around the park’s buildings, including Imperial cruisers and X-wings parked in the main way for better appreciation. There will also be a cantina similar to Mos Eisley where tourists will presumably be able to grab a bite and a drink.

8i will make R2D2’s holograms look bad with its smartphone app. Image: GetMovieNews.

Disney goes full Westworld with a Star Wars immersive hotel

For those who want to get as close as they can to the epic space adventure, Disney is investing in creating a truly immersive experience for Star Wars fans. The entertainment giant is building a hotel in which guests can stay and pretend to be part of the franchise’s universe during their stay.

Disney representatives say the experience will be catered to guests right from the start, and that they will have a personalized adventure from the moment they step in until the moment they check out.

The Star Wars themed resort will have people fully clothed in Galactic attire, and those staying will also have to play along to take part in the full experience. More details were not given, but decorations, food, and everything about the hotel will be customized to the franchise.

Source: Disney