PlayStation Now will only be available for PS4 and PC users. Image: DualShockers.

Sony announced via PlayStation Blog on Wednesday that they will drop PlayStation Now support for PS3, PS Vita, old Bravia TV models, and all Samsung TVs. The company is moving on to focus on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

The video game streaming service will not be available on these platforms starting on August 15. Over at the European PlayStation Blog, the tech giant gave more details about support end dates for Bravia TVs

Sony’s move affects thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of subscribers to PS Now on old consoles. Nevertheless, it is a major step in the only direction left for video game companies who wish to stay relevant in the swiftly changing industry.

Effective August 15 this year, PlayStation Now will stop working on the following devices:

PlayStation 3
PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV
All Sony Bravia TV models from 2013 to 2015
All Sony Blu-Ray players
All Samsung TV models

The company is also discontinuing the game streaming service even earlier on a select batch of 2016 Sony Bravia TVs.

As soon as May 15, Sony will drop support for these next models: KD-100ZD9, KD-55XD8005, KD-49XD8005, KD-43XD8005, KD-55XD700x, KD-75ZD9, KD-49XD8099, KD-43XD8099, KD-49XD8305, KD-49XD700x, KD-65ZD9, KD-49XD8088, KD-43XD8088, KD-43XD8305, KD-50SD8005, KD-49XD8077, KD-43XD8077, and KD-65XD750x.

What should I do if I use PS Now on one of these devices?

If you do not have a PC or a PS4 where you can keep using PlayStation Now, the Japanese tech giant recommends you cancel your subscription as soon as possible to avoid any issues once they drop all support for old devices.

For users who have auto-renewal turned on for the service, Sony is asking them to disable it so that their signup finishes this next April 1. Since it is a cloud-based platform, PS Now games can be accessed later with the same account on PC and PS4.

The ball is in Sony’s court to move on to the next generation of consoles

With Nintendo’s upcoming launch of the Switch in March and Microsoft’s Project Scorpio expected to debut in 2017, the scene is set for Sony to create something great as a successor to the PlayStation 4.

Nintendo technically kicked off the next generation of consoles early on with their hybrid machine, while Microsoft and Sony have only unveiled enhanced versions of current-gen devices like the PS Pro and the Xbox One S.

The tech giant has a chance to maintain their success streak by making a VR ready console out of the PlayStation 5, infusing it with even more power and features to compete with other industry leaders in the coming years.

Source: PlayStation Blog