The electric drive system on the ForTwo is mounted on the rear part of the car, and it delivers 80 horsepower in performance. Image Source: Slash Gear

The German automaker and Daimler subsidiary Smart Automobile has announced it will expand its car catalog starting in 2017. The expansion will bring the inclusion of Electric Drive alternative models for the Smart ForTwo in both of its versions and the Smart ForFour.

The announcement from the compact-sized manufacturer comes on the eve of the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The vehicle exhibition will have Smart showcasing the new electric fleet of 2017 models alongside its normal gas-fueled counterparts.

Smart Automobile achieves an unprecedented milestone with its ecological decision: becoming the first auto brand to provide fully electric vehicles for all of its models. The iconic ForTwo will be the first of three Smart cars that will receive the green upgrading next year.

The new electrified Smart ForTwo looks and performs the same as its gas-consuming brother. Image Source: TodoAutos

Smart ForTwo: Specs and features

The 2017 iteration of the vehicle sports a revamped design that makes it look more robust in its compact-sized body.

Perhaps the most notable feature design-wise is the pronounced bumpers in the car. In the front, the rear, and each wheel, the Smart ForTwo has much more character than its predecessors. Previous ForTwo models kept the design simple and straightforward, with the distinctive feature being the elongated headlights, an aspect that has also changed.

The battery on the Smart ForTwo is a lithium ion piece that powers the car through its 17.6-kilowatt-hour capacity. This provides the electrified vehicle with a 99 range for driving right off the bat, but the automaker includes an ‘Eco’ mode to help drivers get the most out of their ForTwo.

‘Eco’ mode maximizes the potential overall range from a single charge. This is highly convenient given that, in Smart cars, power drains out whenever drivers accelerate full throttle, stop suddenly, and so on. For city life users, these are everyday occurrences.

Moreover, knowing that it would take nearly a full day to recharge the ForTwo using standard components in the market and 110-volt outlets, Smart Automobile provides a fast-charging model for 220-volt outlets. The alternative fueling will take just under three hours to recharge once the battery is depleted fully.

The electric drive system on the ForTwo is mounted on the rear part of the car, and it delivers 80 horsepower in performance, which translates roughly to a maximum speed of 81 mph. The transmission on the car takes over the rear wheels and is a single speed system.

The ForTwo and the whole Smart fleet of 2017 models will officially appear at the 2016 Paris Motor Show at the end of the month.

Source: TechCrunch