Skoda of the VW group has made an official statement that ‘Kodiaq’, its 7 seater SUV will be released globally at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in October.

Said to feature a frame similar to that of Skoda Yeti, the Kodiaq, previously made a camouflaged appearance at a Prague event, under the name Vision S Concept.

Named after an Alaskan bear ‘Kodiak’, the Czech makers promise a name-worthy vehicle, with a remarkable performance both on and off beat tracks.

The Alaskan beasts are known for their size, strength and kingship over the land they live in. The magnanimous structure of the car is said to include features like a muscular bumper, signature grille, long roof rails, LED daytime running lights, etc. Not much has been revealed about the front fascia, besides the grille.

The car is said to be launched on VW’s MQB platform, which also means that this will be a transverse two/four wheel, front-engined one. This makes it suitable for all terrains.

The global launch is said to be done later this year in October, but it will only be made available in India sometime in 2017.

The SUV market in India has evolved significantly evolved from the TATA Sumo first model days. With players like Honda, Renault, Toyota and Maruti-Suzuki having had decent success in the seven seater domain, it will be interesting to see how big Skoda goes on it. Renault Duster made it because of it’s affordability and suitability to Indian roads.

Not much has been revealed about the Kodiaq, but it sure is creating a considerable amount of buzz, and keeping in Mind the VW tag, one can expect a superior quality all round product. It rarely is a mistake to expect high-quality automobile from a German manufacturer.