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Senstone is both useful and fashionable. Image: Kickstarter.

Senstone, the Intelligent Wearable Voice Recorder, is the latest gadget to make waves online. The device is capable of recording up to one minute of voice notes, transcribe them, and sync them with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The project is currently in its last stage of development. Creators opted for Kickstarter to fund the launch of the complete device on Tuesday with a $50,000 goal after showcasing it at CES 2017.

As of this writing, Senstone is about $5,000 away from the goal. Early backers can get the wearable device as soon as this summer for just $100, and other offers range from $120 to $1,100 with shipping starting in September.

Senstone: Specs and Design

The design is one of the key elements of the Senstone, featuring a unique shape inspired by sound waves. The gadget’s dimensions are all just above one inch except thickness, where it is as slim as a third of an inch.

The device is as simple as it gets: it has two buttons and one flashing screen. One button is to turn it on and off, and the other is to start and stop recording. The screen displays different light patterns according to the function performing at the moment.

Other than that, the back of the Senstone features a mount that allows for multiple wearing choices, including a clip, a necklace, a bracelet, and a wristwatch. These interchangeable and detachable backs are sold separately.

Senstone: Features

Senstone features
Senstone features. Image: Kickstarter.

Senstone is not just any voice recorder. The wearable’s internal software isolates the speaker’s voice regardless of the surroundings or other people talking, so the notes are as clear as they can be.

Machine learning technology powers the device, which recognizes speech patterns of the person talking and applies them to the written transcription.

The notes are stored both as voice recordings and as text in your application of choice, as Senstone is compatible with Evernote, Trello, and proprietary note-taking apps by Google and Apple.

Users can use the gadget to take notes in 11 languages currently supported, including English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Japanese, and Arabic.

The Senstone team claims that battery life stands up to 3 hours of recordings or 4 days of average use. Tapes storage depends on the connection status between the device and the smartphone.

Senstone: Price and Availability

For $100, you can get an aluminum-body Senstone with one detachable back and the charging station. The estimated shipping date for this bundle is July 17.

Other offerings in brass or aluminum bodies with more extra goodies and more colors range from $120 to $1,100. All of these options ship in September, and delivery fees outside the U.S. start at $25.

Source: Kickstarter