Google Inbox app grows with Trello and GitHub integrations
Google Inbox app grows with Trello and GitHub integrations. Image credit: Google sites

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is adding third-party programs to its Inbox email app, a Gmail alternative mobile-friendly for web browsers, iOS, and Android. Project management service Trello and code repository GitHub will enter the package service.

When users receive emails related to projects of said companies, Gmail will classify the messages in new categories. For Trello, users will get a summary of recent activity with a plan card interface; while on GitHub, emails will display code changes and field issues.

Google made it official on the company’s blog. The post further explained the integrations would help manage the app. The changes include Google Alerts previews, updates based on user feedback and Google Drive integration.

Gmail users now can manage Trello Board and GitHub Repository with a single app

Trello is a project management application. It features a bulleted summary of the steps towards completing a project. Basic sheets include four lists: for ideas, tasks, process and finished. The project can be easily shared with your contacts and modified by anyone with access.

The app is completely free, and it’s available for web browsers, iOS, and Android. Work teams, college students, and many others have welcomed the project manager. From now on, they will be able to access a Trello inbox directly from their Gmail accounts.

GitHub is a community of millions of developers that share codes, support their businesses and work together on open source technologies in the social media.

It is a collaborative development social network that lets users, from amateurs to professionals, work with anyone. A subscriber can decide whether to share his or her code with the world. The community counts with a massive pool database with millions of projects.

It is used by individuals, communities and enterprises alike. GitHub is now the largest online storage space of collaborative research, and host projects for organizations like NASA. It works like any other social media. Users create a profile including personal and work information. They can add friends and share projects like Facebook for coders.

Inbox will show the latest updates of code changes and filed issues for each repository (the directory that keeps users’ projects).

“The team behind Inbox has made its mission to help you organize your email and save you time,” Google wrote.

Google Alerts will summarize all updates through brief snippets. A user may choose one in specific for expanded information.

Google made more changes to Gmail’s inbox like an easier ways to delete emails and signals for companies that frequently contact the customers.

The upgrade now includes Google Drive into the account, so that anyone can insert Drive links into emails, edit file permissions and save email attachments in the app.

Source: Google Gmail