Movavi Screen Recorder

There are thousands of professional tools available to make your work easier and better. These modern tools promote your expertise and help you achieve your career objectives. One of such is a screen recording software if you work on computers and need to collaborate or share your work with others. If you ever need to show proof of what you are doing or need to educate people on your areas of expertise, then the Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is one piece of cake you can’t do without.

What is screen recording software?

A screen recording software is a computer tool that enables you to capture the screen of your device while working. When this is done correctly, then you have a screenshot or snapshot of your computer screen. But beyond this, a screen recording software also enables you to do a video recording of your computer tasks.

One of the most popular screen recording software out there is the Movavi Screen Recorder Studio. This screen recording software bundle helps users to capture their computer screen and record or edit videos with ease. With Movavi, anyone can record streaming audio and video, webinars, Skype video chats, and also TV and movie series.

Why would anyone need a screen recording software?

There is always a reason for getting things done, right? So is it with using computer tools; it is to achieve a professional purpose or promote a service. Installing and using screen capture/recording software goes beyond capturing computer screens and making computer videos. They serve marketing purposes. They serve to promote company values and professional ethics.

Here then are some of the reasons you need a light but powerful computer screen recorder:

  • To create explainer videos for blog content
  • To create a tutorial and how-to videos
  • To make a visual presentation for a public project
  • To track the progress of a project such as a website design for a client
  • To create visual illustrations of complex concepts in a fast and effective manner
  • To save projects in a visual database for future references
  • To explain the values of a product or service to potential customers

All these and other benefits are enjoyed by career professionals and product marketers who use screen recording tools to achieve personal and organizational goals.

Major features of quality screen recording software

There are hundreds of screen capture/recording software out there. They all have the same basic functions – screen capture and screen recording. And most of them have free and paid versions. However, all quality screen capture/recording software are not the same – they have distinguishing features that set them apart one from the other. The main features of this computer recording tool can be applied to individual needs, and also allow for collaborative use.

A 2-in-1 screen recorder and video editor software such as Movavi Screen Recorder Studio should be intuitive, easy to use even without accompanying documentation or video guide, light and fast, and of course, cheap and affordable.

A comprehensive screen recorder software should have the following features among others –

  • Screen area selection – to highlight the section to be captured or recorded
  • Drawing panel – to enable the user to draw, outline or add text and arrows to the captured area
  • Project history – a section to access saved screenshots and videos
  • Add watermark – this feature will enable the user to add logos, signatures or security mark to his work
  • Voice commentary – with a plugged-in microphone, you should be able to do a voiceover of your videos
  • Add webcam – you will be surprised that some screen capture software cannot be used to make screen videos
  • Video output quality – low, medium and high in corresponding resolutions like HD
  • Zoom capability – to zoom in and out of given areas of a recording
  • Video and screenshot editing – trim recordings and edit out unnecessary parts while adding captions background music
  • Convert video formats – you should be able to record or convert videos to MP4, AVI and MOV, etc.
  • Add special effects – you should be able to add special effects to make your work outstanding

Almost everyone should use screen recorder software. Product marketers, church workers, school teachers, entrepreneurs, life coaches, business mentors, website designers, online freelancers, remote workers, book publishers, video animators and virtually every worker who makes use of computers for work should use screen recording software.