It was bound to happen and we think it has happened. We might be getting our first look at a live version of what could be the Galaxy S7. A leaked image shows the back of the device and the source has also confirmed numerous specs of the device.

The image does look legitimate, as it matches some of the intel that the rumors were suggesting. The first thing that we noticed was that the camera hump is gone and the phone curves at the back. This is a feature that first appeared in the 2015 model, however, it looks like the back is not made of glass this time. Though, it may be the case that this device is a prototype. It’s also mentioned that the phone now has a magnesium metal frame instead of an aluminium one.

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Sources also suggest that the Exynos version of the S7 has 15 percent better performance for both CPU and GPU, and both the Exynos and Snapdragon variants will come with a high-quality audio DAC, specifically, the ESS Sabre 9018, the same as the one on the LG V10.


The battery has also been updated, with the battery life at par with the previous Note lineup. The battery can charge from 0 to 80 percent in an astoundingly low 30 minutes.

Water resistance of the device is also mentioned, as is the f/1.7 aperture of the 12-megapixel Britecell rear camera sensor.

As for the pricing, the Galaxy S7 will be priced at 16.49 million dongs (roughly $740) and the S7 edge at 19.9 million dongs (roughly $890), at least in Vietnam, which is much lesser that what we had predicted earlier.

All in all, the leak definitely makes the prospect of the device look much promising. It will be interesting to see more info when it get released, in the end of the month.