Roku’s new lineup of streaming players start at $29.99
Roku’s new lineup of streaming players start at $29.99. Image credit: YouTube.

Roku went for a lineup revamp

Roku Inc. revamped almost all its lineup of home streaming players. The five new models offer a broad range of options for virtually every user’s media needs. Roku takes affordability into account with the introduction of the Roku Express player, starting at just $29.99.

Roku’s announcement follows the accidental release of Xiaomi’s Mi Box streaming device. Xiaomi had yet to announce the product for North American markets when a Twitter user found it on a Walmart shelf last week. The set-top box had a $69 price tag, but Roku’s unveiling could trump Xiaomi’s short reign as a budget option for consumers.

Roku’s premium devices are capable of 4K and HDR streaming. They join the latest version of the Streaming Stick by the American manufacturer released back in April. The Roku Search system also received a substantial upgrade, and it is now available for all players.

The Roku Ultra, Premiere and Premiere+ support streaming in 4K: Price and features

The Roku Ultra is the new top-tier player in town at $129.99. The Ultra will replace the Roku 4 as the company’s high-end digital media box. Like most competing players, the new device is capable of streaming in 4K and HDR at 60fps.

However, the company adds some innovative features that set the Ultra apart from the rest. The Roku Ultra includes a USB port and a built-in Ethernet port for direct internet access. The powerful player also comes with a remote finder feature and a night listening mode capable of adjusting volume remotely.

The Premiere and Premiere+, on the other hand, will sell for $79.99 and $99.99 respectively. They both support 4K content, but only the Premiere+ plays content in HDR natively. The $99 box also has an Ethernet port, and a microSD slot, while the remote comes with a headphone jack.

Roku Express is a very cheap option

Roku has two very competitive devices on its hands with the Express and Express+. The Express costs $29.99, and it supports 1080p streaming through a single HDMI output. The Express+ supports old TV connections like RCA, and it will be sold only at Walmart for $39.99.

How to use Roku’s enhanced Roku Search

Along with its product lineup overhaul, Roku also expanded its Roku Search platform. The optimized navigation system allows users to find content across all supporting Roku players easily.

Using Roku Search is as easy as conducting any Internet search. With a predictive engine, the OS will show the best results regarding affordability. Roku Search now offers results from over a 100 different streaming channels.

Looking up an actor’s name on Roku Search will prompt a list of sites. The display order ranges from free options to increasingly higher-priced alternatives. Channels like HBO Go, Comedy Central, Amazon Video, Netflix, and Time Warner Cable are part of Roku Search’s selection.

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