This program grants users with access to unique features that make up the base of the Direct Publishing platform. Image Source: Roku

A new version of the Roku Streaming Stick, announced today, sees updates that allow it to perform almost as well as its higher-priced brothers. The dongle is priced at $50 and still is capable of HD outputs. However, it lacks the 4K streaming ability of the Roku 4.

The latest ultraportable streamer is a bit thinner and longer the previous rendition. So, now let’s see the differences and similarities between the Stick and the $130 Roku 4.

Along with the new streaming stick, Roku is also rolling out a software update across its many different devices; Roku OS 7.1. Roku’s software updates usually aren’t major overhauls, but small tweaks or incremental changes that make finding stuff to watch easier as Roku supports more and more channels.


This rollout will happen for both the devices, however, this also means that both the devices will be able to get access to 300,000 movie & TV episodes from 3,000+ streaming channels.

Both the devices connect to the TV via HDMI, though, as we mentioned earlier, Roku 4 supports 4K resolution, so for that the device will have to be connected via HDCP 2.2 HDMI.

Likewise, the two gadgets share support of 80.11ac MIMO wireless, however, the Stick lacks 802.11ac MIMO wireless.

The gizmos will both be able to cast personal media to your TV with the mobile application and will also come with Screen Mirroring for Android and Windows devices.

A quad-core processor is placed underneath the hood of the two Rokus, giving them sufficient power to manage all your streaming needs.

What does Roku 4 has that the Streaming Stick hasn’t?


Now, coming to the things that are absent in the Streaming Stick when compared to the Roku 4, the latter packs Ethernet, USB & Micro SD card ports, which all are absent on the Stick.

The remote that you get with the stick is also is quite simple when compared to the Roku 4. It misses substantial options, such as headphone jack for private listening, motion control for games, remote finder and voice search via remote.

….though the Streaming Stick still has one trick up its sleeve

Roku has introduced a new feature which is there only with the Streaming Stick. It enables the device to access Private listening via Roku Mobile App.

The Verdict

Overall, the company has definitely revealed a solid streaming stick. In such a small form factor, the power that it is capable of delivering is definitely amazing. Given the price point at which the device sells, you should undoubtedly consider getting one for yourself.