Roku makes it easy for everyone who wants to showcase original content on the company’s Publishing Platform to do so without obstacles. Image Source: Mashable

The American streaming company Roku wants content owners to feel at home in its platform. Roku announced earlier this Wednesday that businesses and potential creators could make their content available on the streaming platform using the company’s new ‘Direct Publisher’ system.

The announcement follows a very active couple of days for Roku. The streaming powerhouse recently launched an overhauled media player lineup, including the affordable $29.99 Roku Express and the 4K, HDR-capable Roku Ultra.

Roku also recently expanded the range of its Roku Search engine, delivering results from over a hundred different channels available on its platform. The company stated that new channels created under the ‘Direct Publisher’ system would be integrated into the results of Roku Search as well.

Roku’s new lineup of streaming players start at $29.99
Roku’s new lineup of streaming players starts at $29.99. Image credit: YouTube.

How does the ‘Direct Publisher’ system work?

The new Direct Publisher tool from Roku is a free way for publishers to create their streaming channels without knowing any of the technical details of the process. Users can get their media or third-party licensed content published in said channels by following just a couple of easy steps.

First off, potential creators or publishers need to be registered as customers of Roku, easy enough if they already own one of the multiple devices offered by the company.Secondly, they need to be enrolled in the Roku Developer Program.

This program grants users with access to unique features that make up the base of the Direct Publishing platform. Image Source: Roku
This program grants users with access to unique features that make up the base of the Direct Publishing platform. Image Source: Roku

Thirdly, aspiring publishers must register their channel in Roku’s Billing services database. In doing so, Direct Publishers will get paid for the ad revenue generated from views of their content on Roku, similar to the system in place over at YouTube.

Further requirements include a content feed for the channel, a hosting service for the videos uploaded, and standard brand marketing like a name, logo, description, posters, colors, and more. These aspects can be customized and changed along the way as well.

Over 10 million people will get content from Direct Publishers

Those interested in posting their videos using Roku’s Direct Publisher system will immediately gain a huge showcasing window. The content uploaded by Direct Publishers will be available to more than 10 million people who own and use Roku’s streaming devices and platform.

Furthermore, the company provides maintenance and optimization to the channels automatically without users needing to do so. They also provide a comprehensive performance review with analytics of various aspects of the Direct Publisher’s channel.

Renowned websites like US Weekly, Mashable, Rolling Stone, Cracked, Above Average, and UPROXX have already launched channels on Roku under the new feature. The system is officially open for all aspiring creators starting today.

Source: Roku