Rocket League DropShot
Rocket League introduces a new game mode called Dropshot. Image Source: Wix Techs

Psyonix announced today a brand new game mode for Rocket League. Dropshot is another fast-paced game mode on Rocket league that introduces breakable floor tiles and an electrified ball, this time, in a hexagonal arena.

The mission is more complicated than the regular push-the-ball-through-the-goal. This time you will have to destroy the enemy’s floor and score goal through those holes.

Dropshot has brand new content for the game. Damage is a new statistic in this mode. The ball can hit each floor panel twice to deal damage. The first time it will activate the panel, and the second time it will destroy it.

Rocket League has up to eight players assigned to one of two teams, with the unique purpose of battle each other to score more points on the arena. Image Source: YouTube

The ball also has three different phases, the first step can only damage one tile, the second shot can destroy seven tiles, and the third phase can damage nineteen tiles.

The new mode feels like Rocket League, but it requires different strategies.

Psyonix found the concept for Dropshot after testing a “volleyball” mode requested by the community. The developers were not convinced and decided to create something else.

Although the game mode resembles Volleyball somehow as there are two courts, the result was more exciting. The game mode is all about smashing the rival’s floor and keeping the ball in the air.

Destroying the field feels like a victory by itself even though it does not add a point to the scoreboard. As for balance during the mode, after scoring a goal, the side that was scored upon will reset.

Rocket League AquaDome DLC, achievements, features, new cars and arenas.
Rocket League AquaDome DLC, achievements, features, new cars, and arenas. Xbox achievements.

Dropshot will roll out on March 22 update

The new update will also mark the beginning of Season 4 as well as it will bring content. eSports Improvements: Rocket League Championship Series ‘Live Now’ Button. The Main Menu now features an on-screen notified every time there’s an official Competitive stream. The spectator camera was enhanced due to community feedback. It added a Boost Meter and Rumble Power-up indicator for watchers in Player View.

Season 4 patch also introduces the Turbo Crates. Turbo Crates contain all the new garage items. You can randomly obtain a new Import Battle-Car, animated Decals, Exotic Wheels, Black Market surprises, and more. The original import battle car Endo is only available as a drop in the turbo crates.

Finally, competitive players will receive the wheel reward based on the highest competitive skill tier reached during season 3.

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