Rocket League-ZAG Toys-car toys-4 new characters
Rocket Leagues teams up with ZAG Toys to launch a line of toy cars. Image: Rocket League.

Psyonix has now announced that a new line of Rocket League¬†toys will come out this Spring. Eight battle car models based on the game’s automobile characters will hit the stores along with four new limited-edition vehicles.

Rocket League is a Steam-powered video game developed by Psyonix for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. It centers on ‘soccer’ games in which players control racing cars instead of human figures.

Rocket League is available on Steam for only $20 and currently holds a star rating of almost five with very positive recent and global reviews.

The game is very easy to install, requiring only a minimum 2GB of RAM, a 2.4 GHz Dual Core processor, and 5GB free storage to run smoothly.

Four new characters might be coming to Rocket League soon

Each one of the toys will come with an additional Rocket Ball the vehicles use in-game to score goals against opposing teams. The cars are mini ‘pull back’ racers similar to those made by companies like Hot Wheels.

The Rocket League lineup will include Octane, Masamune, Dominus, X-Devil, Hotshot, Grog, Backfire, Merc, and four never-seen-before racers that will probably come out in-game in the coming months.

Some of the toys will also code with a redeemable Steam code that unlocks an exclusive Rocket Trail and Wheel. The mini vehicles will enter the market thanks to a Psyonix partnership with Zag Toys.

The game reaches more than 25 million players

Last month, Psyonix announced that Rocket League had an approximate 26 million players registered worldwide. This number amounts to a billion matches since the game launched and 31 million exclusive Rumble matches.

50% of these games were competitive while 33% were casual. Also, Rocket League became the most downloaded game in 2016, according to Sony. RL also received a distinction as one of the best games of last year for the Xbox One.

About Psyonix and Zag Toys

Psyonix is a San Diego-based developer who is responsible for games like Monster Madness: Grave Danger, and ARC Squadron. Rocket League is their best-selling effort to date. They have also contributed to Gears of War and Mass Effect 3, among others.

Zag Toys is a subsidiary of Zagwear and currently focuses on developing mini figures from both DC and Marvel characters, including a very popular lineup of Captain America: Civil War ‘big headed’ toys.

They currently keep four distinctive toy brands. The Grab Zags figures, Nitro-Mites, Collect-A-Balls, and Nog’nz. The official Zag Toys website is still waiting for an official launch.

Source: Rocket League