Renowned actor Robert de Niro lashes out on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on a leaked video interview. Image Source: YouTube

Recently, Robert de Niro failed a neutral video shot for a bipartisan campaign encouraging Americans to vote on 2016 Election Day. Instead, the 73-year old actor went off on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The interview clip leaked this Friday. A con artist, an embarrassment, a mutt who doesn’t know what he is talking about, punk, a pig. Those are some of the things de Niro said about the Nominee in a video where he concluded he would like to punch him in the face.

The interview is a part of the #VoteYourFuture project, in which celebrities motivate citizens to do their civic duty and be a part of the democratic decision.  The organization has artist answering “What do you care about?” and delivers a clip full of famous faces talking about it.

Many artists have a standalone interview clip on the organization’s YouTube Channel, but unsurprisingly there is none for Robert de Niro.

‘If you don’t agree with me, vote,’ but celebrities are not holding the highest credibility 

The central message of the campaign is to vote for whatever reason one cares about the country. Getting out of the house on November 8th and into the voting booth could play a significant role towards making the positive change one expects.

More importantly, the campaign urges people to register at Celebrities talking in the video include Edward Norton, Samuel L. Jackson, Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, and of course Robert de Niro.

However, the campaign is not having a positive reception on the social medias. Most videos have mostly negative reviews remarking how candidate Hillary Clinton has paid actors to talk her up, or how rich celebrities can’t talk about U.S. politics in a sincere manner.

The poor response of #VoteForYourFuture is evident in their main video, as it has around 7.7K unlikes and 1.5K likes. The rating of likes versus unlikes is similarly 1 to 6 in all of their clips.

Trump’s remarks about women have made him a pig?

When people say someone is a “pig,” they are probably referring to the way they treat women.

Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, had to apologize for a 2005 videotape leak in which Trump says “you can do anything to women when you’re a star” and brags about always trying to kiss beautiful women.

The clip was part of unaired footage of an Access Hollywood segment ahead of Trump’s appearance on “Days of Our Lives” soap opera. It was a private conversation, but the Washington Post leaked it anyway.

The nominee also had to apologize for the lewd comments on national TV and assures he is now a “better man.”

 Source: Washington Post