Rebellion confirms Battlezone for the PlayStation VR launch
Rebellion confirms Battlezone for the PlayStation VR launch. Image from YouTube.

Jason Kingsley, Co-founder of Rebellion Developments, revealed a new trailer for ‘Battlezone‘ on Thursday. The British video game studio is in charge of the title, and the game will be released on PlayStation VR. Kingsley dropped the news on PlayStation’s official blog. The trailer focuses on gameplay and gives gamers a little taste of the real potential of PS VR.

On August 17, Rebellion announced a partnership with PS VR to launch a boxed ‘Battlezone’ edition. Both companies agreed the game would debut on October 13, the same day PlayStation VR goes live.

When PlayStation first announced the VR, one of its strongest stands was precisely the reluctance to launch the headset without a rich roster of games. Over 50 games are expected to hit the PS VR between October and December 2016.

The new ‘Battlezone’ trailer shows some of the weapons, tanks, and gameplay 

‘Battlezone’ is a modernized version of the Atari arcade classic game. The tank combat game comes from Rebellion, the same studio which acquired the rights to the iconic franchise and released the ‘Battlezone 98 Redux’ earlier this year.

However, this contemporary take on the game offers a lot more, as the trailer shows some previously unseen new features.

Kingsley detailed in his post the classic enemy tanks on the original game would return in the new version, albeit with some exciting enhancements and unique qualities for each of them.

Furthermore, players will have the option of driving different tanks throughout the campaign, each with the aforementioned unique set of characteristics, so the players will have to choose wisely which is best for the mission.

Tanks also have a wide array of weapons from where to choose, as well as a more limited set of specialized equipment that triggers devastating attacks in the battlefield.

Battlezone’ tanks are customizable, and both weapons and specialized equipment are upgradeable throughout the game. Missions in ‘Battlezone’ count with the presence of enigmatic ‘Shield Generators’ in the arena and the consequences of destroying them are still unknown.

Rebellion’s remake will hit the stores along with the PlayStation VR

The Rebellion-developed game joins a stellar lineup of games that will hit the virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4 in October.

Some of the other titles that will arrive at the PS VR eventually include ‘Resident Evil 7 VR’, ‘Batman Arkham: VR’, ‘EVE: Valkyrie’, ‘Tekken 7’, and two ‘Final Fantasy’ games.

Rebellion has not disclosed the price of ‘Battlezone’ yet, but the PlayStation VR costs $399 while the PlayStation Camera required for motion tracking has a $60 price tag.

Source: PlayStation Blog