Quantum Break Cemetery Trailer Monarch Words

Remedy Entertainment has released a new live-action video for Quantum Break that plays up the game’s time-travelling theme. This video, presented in a found footage style, shows Dr. William Joyce, played by Lord of the Rings actor Dominic Monaghan, experimenting with a time machine.

In the video, William Joyce, the brother of the main character, Jack Joyce (X-Men’s Shawn Ashmore), says, “I built a time machine, and it works. I’m going to prove it–or die.“.

Canadian actor Shawn Ashmore is the protagonist of Quantum Break and is best known for playing Bobby “Iceman” Drake in four of the X-Men film instalments. He is used to seeing himself on screen, but killing himself, that does sound strange. Ashmore plays Jack Joyce, an everyday guy who gets swept up in a cataclysmic series of events that ultimately give him time-manipulating superpowers.

It gives you a real sense of being a superhero, and in a different way from X-Men,” Ashmore said of playing a game starring a virtual version of himself. “In a more interactive, sort of powerful way, because you’re controlling those things.

It’s much stranger than sitting back and passively watching a performance. Playing the game was really bizarre, because, in the middle of traversing something when I wasn’t in the action, I would just spin the camera around… ‘Oh, that’s what I look like from that angle?’

And then, of course, you’re putting yourself into danger, which is kind of weird. ‘Ah, I got myself killed again.’ I think I was kind of reckless.

Quantum Break’s twisting story unfolds across five game chapters, and comes with 22-minute live-action streaming TV episodes that expand the plot, focusing on events happening in parallel to Jack’s own tale.

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