Quantum Break is now on Steam Price and system requirements
Quantum Break is now on Steam Price and system requirements. Image credit: Quantum Break.com

This week, Quantum Break arrived at the Steam platform for PC. Microsoft made this move to allow players who are not using Windows 10 on their computers to have access to the game. There will be no cross-play compatibility with the regular Windows 10 version or the Xbox One.

Developers mentioned this new version would not have significant differences over the Xbox One. However, journalists have already done reviews about the changes regarding visual performance in Steam vs. Windows 10.

Quantum Break’s main characters are Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder, and Paul Serene. The three of them gained time controlling powers thanks to an experiment performed at the Riverport University. Jack and Beth need to escape from Paul’s twisted intentions.

The game focuses on an in-depth narrative with a touch of strategic combat. Using firearms and his time powers, Jack can face many opponents at once. Beth, on the other hand, offers a smart use of her abilities such as “Quantum Vision” to look into distant places. She is the one who solves puzzles and sorts obstacles.

The game has received average reviews due to its poor storytelling and complicated controls in combat. Players also felt the action was left aside for long cinematic sequences.

Quantum Break runs smooth with DirectX 11 

The primary comparison is between the two DirectX versions running on Nvidia Hardware. Using an EVGA GTX 980 CC card to run both, the difference is considerable when looking at the FPS. The steam version runs ten fps higher than its old Windows Store brother.

Also, the color seems more vivid, and the actions sequences run smoother in this new release. These results prove that DirectX 12 it not a big gap for visual performance.

However, not all is perfect as the Steam version also has some issues with performance. When using anti-aliasing with this release, the FPS drop by almost a half, and the game immediately turns unplayable.

Quantum Break price and system requirements

Quantum Break system requirements
Quantum Break system requirements. Image credit: Steam/TheUSBPort.

The game is also tested on a similarly AMD RX 480 graphic card. The results were less distant from each other. Both versions of DirectX run smooth and present no visual issues. Quantum Break runs at full 60 FPS when four targets are present at 1060 resolution.

Quantum Break is already available for download at the Steam store with a $40 price tag. The DLC content is sold separately for an additional of $7. The game requires 68GB and needs a minimum of 8GB of RAM.

Source: Steam Quantum Break