Microsoft launches a Windows 10 update to fix major flaws
Future Windows 10 updates will put connectivity upfront and allow users to get their data directly from the Windows Store at any time. Image credit: Windows

Microsoft released a new update for Windows 10 on Wednesday night. Its name is Insider 14936. It addresses practical issues instead of adding new features to the OS. This release seeks to stabilize performance after the installation of the  Anniversary Upgrade.

Malfunction of some extensions, authentication problems, Linux incompatibility and bugs in connection with windows phone are the focus of Insider 14936. So far IT experts have reported the update was doing its work as intended.

The Anniversary patch released by Microsoft in March 2016 brought many new features to Windows 10. Cortana’s upgrades and the biometric security app were some of the additions. However, after a couple of months, users started reporting issues with older applications.

Microsoft upgraded Edge in the last patch 

Users say there are problems with the extensions in Edge, the default browser in Windows 10. This update will address specifically the Turn Off the Lights, Tampermonkey and Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant extensions.

The first one will receive an update in their light regulation system which works during video playbacks. Tampermonkey will now allow users to modify the contents displayed in their online navigation. It works with codes and scripts for websites.

Lastly, the Personal Shopping Assistant will now enable users to save favorite products to compare prices. The extension also sends notifications for promotions related to products on the list.

winver14393222Microsoft-Windows 10-update
Windows 10-update. Image credit: Windows Central.

The new update corrected compatibility issues with Ubuntu

Customers were complaining about a bug related to the authentication when logged into a network. The bug would cause devices to sign out of the network without reason. This issue also affected computers connected to servers.

The new update corrected this, so any device running on Windows 10 should not present connectivity problems. However, Microsoft said the Enterprise version was still under revision.

Windows 10 had a compatibility problem with Ubuntu. When running a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), the client would crash regularly. Now it is entirely compatible with the 16.04 Xenial version of Ubuntu. Users who run the 14.04 Trusty version of the Ubuntu software will not be able to enjoy the upgrade.

Microsoft remarked that there are some issues left on this patch. The most notorious are that Tencent powered apps and games still cause computers running on Windows 10 to get blue screens.

Source: Windows Central