Is There Any Privacy Left?

Since the invention of the wheel, technology has been continuously improving people’s lives. The only difference is how fast the breakthrough impacts people on a global scale. Now even the smallest discovery can change the lives of millions of people in a matter of months and weeks. Technology’s even faster. People’s careers were created as well as destroyed within several hours of posting something on Twitter or Facebook.

Unfortunately, the best cure against social media outrage is abstinence. However, you can use NordLocker to make your digital life more private. NordLocker is the world’s fastest encryption tool. You can try it today for Windows and Mac.

The scope of losing privacy

Social media outrage is commonplace now — people become targets simply for being on the other side of the argument. But it can be worse. Innocent people have been attacked for sharing a name with someone or being taken out of context. You’re already recorded everywhere you go. Your face and your location are on someone’s servers at all times. All you need is someone determined enough to make you look bad.

It’s not 1999 anymore

Why don’t we take better care of ourselves? Many give up because protecting privacy in 2020 is overwhelming. We won’t say it’s not. But a lot also depends on your attitude.

Ask yourself: what’s the easiest step you could take to increase your privacy? One of the simplest methods is encryption. If you use NordLocker, all it takes is a couple of clicks to secure your files. Or, you can even use drag and drop like you already do lots of times every day.

How does encryption improve your privacy? Most of us use some kind of cloud service to store our files. Do you trust the company you store your files with not to use your data to target you better? There’s nothing we know how these companies use our data. Using NordLocker before you upload files to the cloud instantly gives you the upper hand against the cloud company. You can try NordLocker risk-free.