Pokémon Duel: Gameplay, availability, and trailer

The Pokémon Company has just launched Pokémon Duel for free on Android and iOS. The new mobile app is a strategy-based board game in which players have to reach each other’s goals with a team of six creatures.

The surprise release caught everyone off-guard, more so for being a free game available for download straight away on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Pokemon Duel is now the latest official game for mobile devices, joining the wildly popular AR adventure Pokemon GO. The Niantic game continues to receive updates and has a strong following base of players.

Pokémon Duel gameplay is all about strategy

The setup is simple: players will get to choose a team of six Pokemon to start their journey, making their way through maze-boards against other teams. The goal is to push aside or defeat foes to reach the opponent’s goal.

Boards in Pokémon Duel are all different, and they get increasingly more challenging as you progress. However, more powerful creatures will also become available at higher levels.

All Pokemon figures have a set number of steps they can give in each turn, as well as a Data Disk with different Attacks in case they face an enemy. Attacks are performed at random once you spin the Data Disk in battle.

Battle online with other players on Pokémon Duel

If mobile gamers want some more action outside Pokémon Duel’s main boards and challenges, they can always engage in League Matches online against other players around the world in real time.

The objective continues to be the same, try to sort your way through the board to reach the opposite goal first while blocking your foe from getting yours.

Players can use Plates and Boosters on different Pokémon figures to enhance their abilities or activate in-match effects like swapping, getting more accuracy, or more powerful attacks.

You can also fuse characters to raise Pokémon levels and, presumably, evolve them. Doing this also increases damage done by attacks on the Data Disk.

Download Pokémon Duel for iOS and Android

At the moment of this writing, Pokémon Duel is under maintenance following the surge of new players rushing to download the game. You can download and install the game from the App Store on your iOS device or Google Play on Android.

While the new app is free, there are in-game purchases using Gems or real money as currency. Users can buy figures, plates, boosters, and gems on the Shop instead of getting these items through matches as usual.

You can download Pokémon Duel for Android here and iOS here.

Source: Pokémon