Pokémon Go cheaters lose their account forever
Pokémon GO will detect third party software and ban its users forever. Image from YouTube.

Not many days have passed since Twitch.Tv spoke out loud against those who were live-streaming “how-to-cheat” tutorials for Pokemon Go. Ironically, while the app is the first (VR) Title to encourage people to go out outside and turn on the video game, cheaters are teaching how to do it from the living-room. This commodity is about to end.

As of now, Pokemon Go is permanently banning players guilty of cheating. And the company has defining rules of non-permitted conducts in the app guidelines: modified or unauthorized software, including poke-tracking apps; sharing or trading accounts; using tools to falsify the real location and other boots to level up Pokemon.

So, if someday people don’t want to get out of the house but still want to play, keep in mind that, while this method is possible, it might get them expelled from Niantic’s school of Pokemon trainers.

Niantic opted for lifetime bans to deal with cheaters 

Cheating has been common in this game, especially when talking about exploits to spoof the GPS system. Well, the company finds that soft-bans (temporally stop the game interaction with the cheater) are no longer the answer.

Culprits’ IP address and accounts will never play the game again. They would need to install it on a different device with a different subscription service. The matter is suitable for those trainers fed up with cheating practices and bad for those in a wheelchair or a real-life disadvantage.

The updated term of service state a punishment of permanent ban for falsifying location; using emulators, modified or unofficial software; or accessing Pokemon Go clients in an unauthorized manner like third-party software.

The guilty of such poke-crimes will tap the app only to find a dreadful message: “Your account was permanently terminated for violations of the Pokemon Go Terms of Service.”

Bugs, faults and server issues will be no reason to step out of the righteous way. Meaning, of course, that people can’t use any other app to enhance their experience. Only the game itself.

Pokémon Go won’t accept third party software 

Mods and cheat codes are usual in most games. Pages like Nexus Mods (a marble every PC gamer should meet) offer a vast amount of modifications for a large number of games.

One of the all-time favorite destinies of the site was the Skyrim section, where gamers could find, say, a revamp of the fighting animations, an overpowered ring or maybe fan-developed extensions.

Of course, Skyrim, as well as all the games on the page, are single player experiences. But when these methods are translated into a multiplayer community then people start voicing what they call as “unfair advantage.”

For example, overpowered Golems guarding the gym gate of the block might diminish the experience of those who do not cheat. Even more so when there are real-money-transactions inside the game to gain an edge worth their money on the local Gary Oak.

Source: The Verge