Pirate Summit 2016 Speakers, agenda, and special events
Pirate Summit Cologne starts on September 6th. Image credit: Startup Calendar.

Founders and representatives from rising startups, potential investors, and tech-savvy business experts will gather at Cologne, Germany for the Pirate Summit 2016.

The two-day event will set sail from the iconic German city starting early in the morning of Tuesday, September 6. The 2016’s edition marks the sixth consecutive year of the entrepreneurship gathering, with over a thousand people in attendance expected next week.

The Pirate Summer 2016 will count with the presence of major names in tech including Google, Facebook, and SAP; as well as prominent media outlets like TechCrunch, WIRED, and The Wall Street Journal.

The Pirate Summit is the craziest startup gathering in the world
The Pirate Summit is the craziest startup gathering in the world. Image credit Pirate Summit.

Pirate Summit 2016: Agenda and special events 

Pirate Summit’s day 1 kicks off at 8:30 am with registration booths open at all six venues of the event. The ‘Red Bus’ will be a place exclusively for Mentoring rookies one-on-one with the aid of experts, while the ‘Blue Bus’ will host Networking Tables for attendees to mingle and exchange info throughout the day.

A Startup Fair will be up all day between the ‘Quarter Deck’ and the ‘Engine Room’ for newcomers to expose their business ideas. However, the hottest spots of the ship at the Pirate Summit 2016 will be the ‘Captain’s Deck’ and the ‘Crow’s Nest’.

A series of different talks and dynamic events will take place at the ‘Captain’s Deck’ covering everything from eSports and current industry trends to crypto-currency and the Internet of Things.

On the other hand, the first day at the ‘Crow’s Nest’ will see over 70 handpicked startups pitch their ideas in the signature ‘Walk the Plank’ presentation format.

September 6 will wrap up with the ‘Pirate Burning,’ a Burning Man-like event inspired by a local tradition of Cologne, and a party at 10 p.m.

The second day will start at 9 am with an open breakfast and registration for different events at three different venues: the ‘Captain’s Deck,’ the ‘Crow’s Nest,’ and the ‘Engine Room’ of the boat.

Pirate Summit 2016 introduces some new dynamic activities and keeps successful ones from previous years. This year’s dynamics include AMAs (Ask Me Anything), Fishbowls, Open Interviews, Panels, Ignite-Talks, Pitches, Clinics, Office Hours, Masterclasses, Firesides, Keynotes, and more.

List of speakers and special participants 

• Andrei Brasoveanu – Investor (Accel Partners)
• Ekaterina Gianelli – Investment Director (Inventure)
• Tatjana Zabasu – Managing Partner (South Central Ventures)
• Christoph Janz – Co-Founder and Managing Partner (Point Nine Capital)
• Aurore Belfrage – Head of Together (EQT Ventures)
• Leo Widrich – Co-Founder and COO (Buffer)
• Fred Destin – Partner (Accel Partners)
• Renaud Visage – CTO (Eventbrite)
• Lars Ramussen – Co-Founder and Chief Espresso Officer (Weav Music)
• Anne H. Worsøe – Portfolio Manager (Bakken & Baeck)
• Pieter Levels – Founder (Nomad List)
• Ewa Treitz – Co-Founder (sensed.io)

Those interested can find a full list of aspiring startups who will ‘Walk the Plank’ at the Pirate Summit 2016 at the event’s official site.

Source: Pirate Summit Startup list