Top 4 business gadgets
Top 4 business gadgets. Image: Luxury Holidays from The Prestige Travel Compan.

Executives and workaholics know the pain of traveling all the time and finding themselves at places that don’t have the technology they need to work. Luckily, more and more portable gadgets have made its way to the market in recent years.

As the world gets increasingly more mobile, businessmen and women need to adapt to the demands of their job positions. Manufacturers know this as well, and they are pushing the performance boundaries of mobile devices every day.

For all of those who need to be on the go and cannot afford to waste precious time looking for other solutions, here are five business gadgets that will surely make their lives easier while traveling.

Microsoft Surface Pro – $799

The ultimate 2-in-1 by Microsoft, the Surface Pro looks just like a tablet on the outside, but it has the power of a laptop on the inside. It can also be used as one with a keyboard cover that pairs with the device.

The last-gen Surface Pro packs the latest Kaby Lake processors by Intel and full-blown Windows 10 as an operating system. You can use it for hours on end without charging it since it withstands up to 13. 5 hours on a single charge.

Brookstone Micro Pocket Projector – $119

Brookstone has developed one of the best-rated pocket projectors in the market, and it has the added benefit of compatibility with more than just computers and laptops.

Executives traveling with the Brookstone Micro will be able to hook up the pocket projector to smartphones and tablets too with an HDMI to micro USB adapter, and you can project slides or videos for up to two hours without plugging it into the wall.

Satechi 5-Port USB Charging Station – $44.99

The Satechi 5-Port USB Charging Station delivers more than you would think judging just by its name. The dock is just less than 6 inches long, comparable to the size of a modern smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

It has five ports compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, and it also features built-in smart charging to deliver the power needed to each plugged device at the best rate possible. The Station even has useful compartments on top to separate your gadgets as they charge.

Tile Slim – $29.99

Tile has been by far one of the most innovative yet simple tech solutions out there since its launch a couple of years ago. The Tile Slim, smaller than the size of a credit card, makes finding items easier than ever with just two clicks.

Press the button twice, and the square-shaped locator will show you where your wallet or keys are, and even your passport pouch if you are traveling. Tile also has a function that works to find your phone, so you can count on it if you somehow miss it while in a rush.

Source: CNN