Pax West 2016 Washington Seattle
Pax West schedule. Image credit: IMGMR.

Video game event Pax West starts on Friday, September 2. The event will take place at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle.

Pax will lift the curtain showing the next evolution of Horde mode arriving at Gears of War 4 with an armory of events related to the franchise, live streams, competitions and live gameplay over the Pax Arena.

On Friday, the world will see a debut of the new Versus Multiplayer mode of GoW4-Arms Race. The special event is “For the Watch,” a running competition-gag between Pax founders Gabe and Tycho battle for the Mythical Watch.

Pax West and Pax East are the two biggest video game events in the U.S. Tickets for the Seattle installment are already sold out.

Pax West 2016 has something for everybody 

At any time, there are 16 locations to live free gameplay, assist to game developer conferences, gameplay live-streaming, gamer competitions at Pax Arena and live music in the concert hall. The event will last until the next Monday.

In the Concert Hall, fans will enjoy “hardcore nerd” music from the likes of Bit Brigade, Mc Frontalot, Super Guitar Bros., The Oneups and Triforce Quartet, most of them playing music from favorite video game titles.

There’s going to be a GoW4 especial competition on Sunday. All attendees will have the chance to sing up in teams of five to survive ten waves of Horde on the Pax stage for different prizes. Rewards may include unlocking in-game content, Pax t-shirts and pins.

At the console free-play, fans will find a whole theater with hundreds of latest gen and classic consoles along with the biggest titles of the year. Attendees may check in and check out to try out the games anytime they want.

Similarly, the  PC area offers the same experience but in top-end gaming PCs.

Pax West will gather around 50 Indie game developers 

The exhibit hall is the place where publishers and developers will showcase their upcoming material. Penny Arcade invited 50 indie game developers for each event so people may see games of all genres and styles, for all platforms and from all studies. The area marks one the highlights of the Pax experience.

The handheld lounge is a meetup room where people can relax and play with a 3DS, PSP, and Vitas to their hearts content.

The Omegathon is a contest between randomly selected attendees that takes place across three days of the event. The games could be anything, from a giant claw machine, a classic Pacman arcade or race in the latest Mario Kart Installment. Winners of the final and 6th round travel together to Japan for the grand prize.

There’s going to be Dungeons and Dragons at Pax West 

The panels run with an average of 400 people sitting to hear game developers, website managers, gamer lectures and all kinds of speeches, knowledge, and entertainment for everybody.

Finally, at the tabletop side, people may find classic and nerd-like board games. From Dungeons & Dragons to Monopoly and Bananagrams. The area offers games of all types and for all skill levels. It has hundreds of free-play tables and the ability to check out games as if they were books at a library.

Get the Pax App. It has a complete guide which includes the map.


Source: West Pax site Pax App