Nokia Phones come back
Nokia smartphones return with Built to Last series. Image: Nokia.

Finish company Nokia Corporation (NASDAQ: NOK) is gearing up for its much-awaited return to the smartphone market. The Nokia phones will live on as they will arrive in 2017 with “built-to-last” mobile devices running on Google’s Android OS.

The former undisputed leader of phone builders fell behind the iPhone and Android.

The company tried to stand out by choosing Windows 10 over its rivals, but Microsoft’s mobile system never gained any popularity.

Nokia will not build the 2017 phones per se. Instead, another Finish company (HMD Global Oy) will handle the manufacture.

Under the new deal, Nokia will receive royalty payments from HMD’s sales of every Nokia branded tablet and phone.

The company did not announce specifics of the new phones, but rumors suggest there will be at least two Nokia Android devices next year.

Latest Nokia phone key specs

It seems they will keep Nokia’s classic design: a sturdy body with numeric keys and a small display. So, as there are no details as to what the next Nokia will be like, it might be worth to check out last October’s Nokia 216.

Its main features are a 2.4-inches QVGA screen, front, and rear-facing cameras with LED flash, storage for over 2.000 contacts, and a 1020mAh battery that will last 18 hours of talk tame and up to 24 days in standby.

Both the front and back camera have a resolution of 0.3MP and a video resolution of 320 x 240. The phone records videos in MP4 and MPEG-4 formats.

The phone has high-quality voice calls, a built-in torchlight FM Radio, video player and Mp3.Regarding connectivity, it will have a 2.5G network, and it will have support for Bluetooth 3.0 for earbuds, headsets, and other devices.

The Nokia 216 has custom Nokia entertainment features and online experiences and will boast a familiar user experience. For instance, Gameloft platform offers one free game every month for a year to all Nokia 216 owners.

It has the Opera Mini Browser to navigate the web, and users will be able to download more apps and games via the Opera Mobile Store.

Android Nokia 2017 release date

HMD currently handles Nokia’s website. They launched a new phone section on the website where they encourage everyone to sing up to the site and wait for news regarding the upcoming phones.

Nor Nokia or HMD have specified the release date of the very first Nokia device running on Android OS. However, the phone is expected to arrive early 2017 in two presentations: A midrange and a high-end handset.

Meanwhile, the phone maker has reopened its online sells of their smartphones, including the Nokia 216, the Nokia 105, and the Nokia 110.

Source: Nokia