The 16 MB Nokia 216 also comes packed with Bluetooth connectivity and a dual SIM card slot. Image Source: Microsoft

The American tech giant Microsoft is not giving up on its mobile phone business just yet. The company revealed its latest device under the Nokia brand in India earlier this week, a nice feature phone codenamed Nokia 216.

Microsoft’s announcement comes at a pivotal point for its mobile business venture. The iconic Corporation currently sits at a crossroads with the resurgence of an independent Nokia brand in the horizon and weak sales figures for its Microsoft Phone business.

The Nokia 216 is not a smartphone but a budget phone, a rare device nowadays in an age of giant screens and no headphone jacks. The move by Microsoft is reportedly both a financial decision and a choice to distract consumers from the alleged release of a Microsoft Surface Phone shortly.

Nokia 216: Specs and features

The upcoming Nokia 216 stays true to the nature of the brand, packing essential features in a plastic body with a physical keyboard available in three colors: black, gray, and blue.

Microsoft’s primary device has a 2.4-inch QVGA display and two 0.3 MP VGA cameras: one in the rear and another one in the front. A selfie camera on a feature phone is certainly impressive despite its low image quality, same with its 2,000 contacts storage capacity expandable up to 32 GB through microSD card.

The 16 MB Nokia 216 also comes packed with Bluetooth connectivity and a dual SIM card slot. The phone supports all the essential functions of an entry-level handset, including FM radio, MP3 and video player, and a 3.5-mm headphone jack. Yes, Microsoft emphasizes this aspect on the presentation video for the 216.

Further features of the next-generation Nokia brick include the signature built-in flashlight and an outstanding battery life lasting up to 18 straight hours of talk time thanks to its removable 1,020 mAh power source.

The Nokia 216 runs the Series 30+ operating system, a soul successor of the Series 30 OS featured on many budget phones manufactured by the legendary Finnish company. It integrates the Opera Mini browser for internet access and supports the Opera Mobile Store for apps and games. The limited selection is enticing, though, with the one free Gameloft game per year upon purchasing the device.

Microsoft will release the Nokia 216 in India as soon as October, with a reported retail price of Rs. 2,495 or roughly $37 in the United States. The phone is expected to launch in other markets like Nigeria later in the year as well.

Source: Mashable