No Man's Sky offers a completely random scenario for each gamer as the planets and environments are created as the player continues playing. Image Source: PlayStation4

Earlier this Sunday, August 7, Sean Murray announced on the official site of the game that the studio would roll out a massive update on Monday. Murray is the creator of “No Man’s Sky” and founder of Hello Games developing studio. The unveiling of the game’s update came just ahead of its official launch worldwide.

Murray referred to the update as Hello Games‘ way to further expand and perfect what is already on the initial release of the game.


He further stated that, for the remaining 0.1% who managed to get their hands on a copy of the game before the official launch, it would be necessary to delete the saved files to fully experience the features included in the update.

No man’s game but a couple: early footage hits the internet

The announcement follows an agitated couple of days after a player allegedly acquired an old copy of the game before its launch date and posted in-depth gameplay details online, further claiming that he had “beaten” the game after a 30-hour run.

Furthermore, some other video game news outlets have also acquired the game early and have posted their impressions on their official sites, going as far as posting videos of the first few hours of gameplay as well.

The sites have since taken down the videos after the game publisher Sony sent an official notice to request the deletion of the videos. The announcement also claimed that the reason why news outlets had not been sent a review copy ahead of its launch was precisely the major update that Hello Games was developing for the game.

No Man’s Sky: what to expect from Update 1.03

Sean Murray’s reveal on the official site of the game not only shed light on the future of the game but also provided details of the upcoming update of its ever-expanding universe.

Contrary to the straightforward beginning of the initial release, players will now have to face a decision regarding which path out of three they wish to follow along the game, a new feature that allegedly changes the outcome of the adventure.

Moreover, as if the reported 18 quintillion planets on the game were not enough, Murray said that the universe generation mechanics have been enhanced, which in turn will result in an even more vast environment to explore.

Finally, several aspects of the game have also been improved to provide a unique in-game experience, much richer than the one experienced by early-game players. “No Man’s Sky” for PS4 rolls out on August 9 in the U.S. and worldwide for PC next Friday, August 12.

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