No Man’s Sky is a survival and exploration sandbox in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy created by Hello Games. The game will be available for PS4 on August 9th in North America and August 10th in Europe, and it will be released on PC worldwide on August 12th.

No Man’s Sky features probably the biggest open world scenario, or this case, open universe. This game will have players exploring a whole set of unexplored and uncharted worlds and solar systems. Gamers will be able to spend as much time as you want in any world. Also, as there are not consequences tied to actions the game will also serve as some social experiment regarding what will people do when there is absolutely no law-enforcement entity.

Hello Game’s described exploration on the game as seeing things no one has ever known before, and with the vast universe created by them, you will probably be the first person ever to set foot on different planes.

These planes will be a different one from another, and species will be different and so will the discoveries you will make in each one. During the game, you may find ancient artifacts leading to some secrets of the universe.

The journey in the world will be both exciting and dangerous, and the developers made clear that your ship and your suit are both fragile, and your skills to remain alive will be tested throughout the game. The game will include different kind of confrontations, from first person combat on a planet’s surface to spaceships duels.

Spoiler Alert! 

Hello Games boss, Sean Murray, urged gamers not to spoil their gaming experience by checking every video about the game and asked people to experience this unique adventure by themselves.

Through the official No Man’s Sky Twitter account, Sean Murray said that we would be able to experience the game by ourselves very soon.

The game has its roots in Sean Murray’s real life. He grew up on a ranch in the Australian outback’s, and he described it as the middle of nowhere. If something went wrong there, you were told to light a fire every day at the same place and pray for someone to find you.

During nights you would be able to watch more stars than anywhere else, and Murray figured that’s where video games should go, a game containing the whole universe where you would be able to visit it all.

Open world features

As described before the game will feature a whole open world for you to explore containing different creatures, geological formations, fauna, and spaceships. This journey will be dangerous, and you will have to collect precious materials and trade them for better ships and suits, and a whole standard universe for everyone out there where you can choose whether or not to share your discoveries.

The game is already available to pre-order on both PS4 and PC for $59.99. On PS4 it can be pre-ordered digitally on PSN or a disc in the standard or limited edition, as for PC, it can be preordered on Steam,, Humble and iam8bit’s exclusive Explorer’s Edition.

Source: No Man’s Sky Homepage