Pokémon GO Valentine's Day special.
Pokémon GO Valentine's Day event. Image: Niantic.

Another event is in the works for Pokémon GO. This time, the app will give players twice as much candy on Valentine’s Day, as well as the opportunity to catch certain Pokémon that do not appear as frequently in the wild.

As a side note, the event, which starts today, will also greatly enhance lure modules, which will last up to a whopping six hours. Beginning at 11:00 a.m. PST, the Valentine’s Day event will end at the same time on February 15.

In other news, Pokémon GO might receive a new virtual shipment of monsters from Generation 2 sooner than later. In the coming months, creatures from the highly praised Silver, Gold, and Crystal versions of the Nintendo game will come to player’s smartphones.

Lure Pokémon (and maybe a date) to your stop on Valentine’s Day

With Lure Modules lasting for about six whole hours, which is an enormous change from their initial 30-minute duration, players will have the opportunity to catch the monsters they’re missing and further train the ones they already own.

To make this experience even more appealing, the amount of Candy received for capturing, hatching, and transferring Pokémon will double for the duration of the event. Also, Buddy Pokémons will get Candy twice as fast as they usually do.

Surrounding areas will also fill up with a group of pink Normal-type Pokémon including Chansey, and Clefable. As a bonus, this also includes the Psychic-type Porygon. These three are usually hard to find in the wild. Cleffa, Iglybuff, and Smoochum will also hatch from eggs more often.

What’s Niantic cooking for trainers? 

Generation 2 is in the works and players might expect up to a hundred new Pokémon from the Gameboy Advance Silver, Gold, and Crystal versions. As a side note, online rumors point out to 86 new battle moves coming out as well.

Other rumors also hint that breeding will come to the smartphone game with this update, allowing players to create their eggs by putting two compatible Pokémon together. This concept was first used in Generation 2.

To prepare players for this update, Niantic started introducing baby Pokémon from Generation 2 in all of the available eggs. However, they did so over two months ago, which has made fans a little impatient.

Generation 2 introduced many evolutions that required particular conditions in-game, something that Pokémon GO might seize to keep fans playing. For example, a possible introduction of Umbreon and Espeon might need trainers to evolve them at a particular time of day.

Source: Niantic