Super Mario Run release date Android
Super Mario Run to launch on Android in March. Image: YouTube.

The official Twitter account of Nintendo (in Japan) has revealed through an update that Super Mario Run, the first plumber game for mobile phones, will be available for Android in March, three months after its iOS launch.

The platformer became an instant sensation in early December, though users complained a bit about playability and criticized the paywall that appeared after the first three levels.

As noted in the first reports about the game’s development, its Android release has been halted by piracy concerns. Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario’s creator, hinted that Android’s openness might pave the way for fake clones of the game.

‘Super Mario Run’ is a financial success

Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario's creator
Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario’s creator. Image: NPR

Players are praising the game modes, which include a single player run, a multiplayer racing competition, and a world builder. Its gameplay allows Mario fans to go through the levels using only one hand, something that Miyamoto specifically wanted.

When racing against each other, players can also perform ‘tricks’ that later become Toads that move into their in-game Kingdoms. Large populations of different colored Toads unlock many goodies and prizes within the app.

The complete game, which costs $10 as a one-time payment, has 20 levels and some bonus content. Super Mario Run received its first announcement at Apple’s Keynote and quickly beat Pokémon Go (the other official Nintendo game) on its first day on sale.

What’s wrong about Super Mario Run?

Most players complained, however, about the fact that it does not have offline game modes, and it consumes large amounts of data if the player is away from a WiFi connection. Also, most Nintendo enthusiasts saw the entire game as a small endeavor for the company.

Though innovative, some complained that Super Mario Run could get very repetitive, especially when playing the Toad Race. There has also been a lack of updates, but the title is still young.

The reason Android still does not have it

Super Mario Run pre-register-Google play store
Super Mario Run pre-register-Google play store. Image. TheUSBport.

Many Android users also felt somewhat insulted with the game’s Play Store delay. Nintendo has received some criticism for stating the Google-owned environment might be somehow less integral and more prone to piracy than iOS.

However, in reality, this is not the only reason for Nintendo’s delay. The Android platform is vast and runs through many manufacturers, so a Super Mario Run version for these phones requires extra work in design and development.

In any case, an Android release might still top the charts on the free apps’ section of the Play Store, just like the game did on the App Store for weeks after its release. Interested users can register on the official Mario website to get updates on its official release.

Source:  Android play Store / Digital Trends