Super Mario run guide to coins and toads
Super Mario Run guide to coins and toads. Image: YouTube.

Super Mario Run has been out for less than a week, and the hype is still palpable. The number of downloads has been consistently high since its release, and more people are paying for the full version than initially expected.

The multiplayer competition mode, Toad Rally, is one of its most played features. It has the players race each other through many levels, collecting coins and ‘Toad fans,’ explained below.

The races do not occur in real time but more like in a performance contest type of way. Players will do the course themselves after their friends have finished it, seeing only the Paper-Mario like sprites of their opponent’s characters.

Getting 1st place in the Toad Race

Users will first need a rally ticket to enter the Toad Race. They can get one by collecting all of the colored coins in a World Tour level, playing the bonus game in the Bonus House (though the rally ticket appears randomly), beating all levels plus a castle on the first run through a given world, and placing a ‘?’ block in their kingdoms (also random).

Players win the Toad Race not by crossing the finish line first but by getting the highest score, which means getting more coins and making better moves.

A good way of increasing a player’s coin supply is to level up enemies in the World Tour, and then they will drop more coins when defeated in Toad Race.

The Race is all about getting the Coin Rush, which is similar to a star power that gives Mario twice the rewards he would normally get.

When players pull off flashy moves and collect Pink coins the Coin Rush activates, and more moves and coins keep it going by sending blue stars to the top bar.

How to get all of the Toads in Super Mario Run

Whenever Mario performs a ‘stylish move,’ different colored Toads will come to cheer him up. At the end of the race, based on the performance, these Toads will move to a player’s kingdom and unlock many goodies.

The hardest to get are the yellow andĀ purple Toads, and the best way to get some of them to move in is to find players that already have them. Potential adversaries display their current Toad number and a five-toad image that shows the colors that they dominate the most.

Looking at the picture, players can scout for the toads they are missing and challenge these players to race. A player with a bunch of yellow Toads, however, might be exceptionally hard to beat. If a player loses, no Toads move to their kingdoms.

Source: Polygon