Nintendo announces big Miitomo update
Nintendo announces big Miitomo update. Image: Polygon.

Nintendo’s Miitomo first launched on March 31 this year as a proposal for more social interaction using the company’s popular Mii characters. The app received a much-expected update yesterday hoping to renew user interest with a ton of new features.

Miitomo’s goal was to serve as a sort of social media platform for Miis. It was only available in the U. S. users many months after its release, expanding to Mexico and Brazil in June and July, respectively.

The app is currently available for both Android and iOS devices. The new version marks Miitomo’s first revamp in all of its history, as the app had never received an update of any kind before.

Private messages and Room customization

Users of Miitomo are now able to send Private messages from the app to contacts they have added from their friend list. They can deliver the message via their main Mii character or use a Sidekick Mii.

They can also decorate the Rooms in which their Miis live with a wide array of new features, including flooring and wallpaper options. Users earn new objects to decorate their space via performing certain in-app actions and playing the Mii Drop game.

The in-game store allows users to purchase more spots to hang wallpapers for $1. The poster options include Nintendo-related franchises like The Legend of Zelda or even real-life photos contained in the user’s device.

New Miitomo Centrals and Mii Sidekicks

Users can now dress up their Miis better by creating original and fashionable outfits for their characters. Using the new Style Central feature, they can customize their Mii character and submit up to three different dress-ups a day in exchange for My Nintendo points they can later redeem for Nintendo rewards.

The new Answer Central is an in-app hub that displays a public list of interesting questions for users to answer and comment on, hoping to raise the numbers of social interaction between clients of the app. Both Centrals let users share information on other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Sidekick Miis introduced in this update, are just additional Mii characters that the user can also dress up. They have their customizable private rooms as well. A given user can have up to a hundred Sidekicks besides its primary Mii character.

Miitomo expands is now available in Europe

Miitomo also launches today in Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. As a bonus, Nintendo has enabled a four-part campaign for the new update that will offer users the chance to earn more collectibles and unlock features by completing certain tasks.

The activities have expiration dates and more of them become available as the Miitomo app starts gaining popularity again. A full list of jobs and prizes is now available at the app’s official website.

Source: My Nintendo News